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West Ham United

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Q: The two goal scorers for England in the 1966 final came from the same club. which one?
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Who came second in the 1966 world cup?

West Germany came second to England.

Who is the only player to have scored a hat-trick in a world cup final?

Stan Mortensen bagged three for Blackpool when they Bolton 4-3 in 1953.

Who captained England in the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final?

England did not play in the final in that year it was between South Africa and New Zealand. England was in the runner up play off and came fourth.

What is England's best performance in the World Cup?

England's best performance in a world cup was in 1966 when they famously won it, beating Germany 4-2 in the final. Their second best performance was in 1990 when they came 4th after narrowly losing in the semi-finals against Germany on penalties.

Who scored 2 goals in the 1966 fa cup final?

The 1966 FA cup final was contested between Everton and Sheffield Wednesday in which Everton came from 2-0 down to win 3-2 with Mike Trebilcock scoring 2 goals.

Who are the current Guinness rugby union Champions of England?

Leicester who came top of the table and beat London Irish in the final.

Which came first England wining the football World Cup or the ruby World Cup?

England won the football world cup first. They won it in 1966, and the Rugby World Cup in 2003.

What new inventions came out in 1966?

The 1966 Calender.

Which country did England beat to win the world cup in 1966?

there has been lots of winners of the world cup. includind England!!! although the most recent world cup was in 2010 and Spain beat holland in extra time 1-0. the goalscorer was Andres iniesta. it was in south Africa. in 2006 Italy won the world cup and beat France in the final and this year they both came bottom of their groups and they has really easy groups. especially Italy!!!!!1

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AnswerThe Pilgrims originally came from England. Then they moved to Holland. Then they went to America

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