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a strike ( if you knock all the Bowling pins down with one " throw " of the bowling ball )

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Q: The trem used for knocking down all the pins in one turn?
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What is it called if you fail to knock down all of the pins on your turn?

a "Strike"

What does to get a spare or a strike mean?

remember, one turn consists of two throws. when you get a strike, that means that you knock down all of the pins in one throw, and one throw exactly. if you knock down all the pins on your first throw, you can't have another throw and your turn is over. when you get a spare, that means you took your two throws and knocked down ALL of the pins. for example, if you knock down four of the pins in your first throw and 6 pins on your next throw, you get a spare. but if you get 0 pins on your first throw and 10 pins on your second throw, that is also a spare, not a strike.

What is bowling game?

Bowling is a sport where you throw a round bowl down a lane to try and knock down the most pins. If you do not knock down all the pins the first time, you get a second try to knock down the rest. If you don't make that, its the next person's turn. If you knock down all 10 pins, its considered a strike.

How many pins do Linksys routers have?

Linksys routers are pretty much the same as all the other routers. Linksys routers got 8 PINS. You can find the PIN if you turn the router upside down.

How do you keep score in bowling?

Score keeping in bowling is as simple as adding up the number of pins that you knock down. As each player takes a turn they try to knock down all ten of the pins. Each player is given up to two opportunities to do this. The player will roll their bowling ball (find a bowling ball) down the bowling alley towards the pins in an attempt to knock pins over. The pins that are knocked down on this first attempt are counted and recorded. The pinsetter at the bowling alley will remove the pins still standing, clear the leveled pins, then return the standing pins back in place. The bowlers ball is returned and the bowler gets a second attempt at knocking the pins over. The bowler again rolls their ball down the alley to try and knock any remaining pins down. The number of pins knocked down on this second attempt is then recorded. The bowlers score is then the pins from the first roll, plus the pins from the second roll, then added to any previous score.Example: X | 9/ | 81 | X | X | 53...If you strike, you get 10 pins for that ball, plus the total pins for your next two shots added to your first frame. So since this person struck they automatically get 10, then they knocked over a total of 10 pins on the second two shots. Their total for the first frame would be 20. The fourth frame would add 10 pins for the initial strike, then 10 pins for the first ball and another 5 for the second ball. That frame would add 25 pins to your score.If you spare, you add the number of pins you knocked down for that frame plus the pins on your next shot. So the second frame has 10 for the initial frame and adds 8 for a total of 18 pins added to the frame before it.If you open you arent awarded any extra pins, you only add the number of pins you knocked down.So if you score the beginning of this game, for each frame consecutively, you get:X | 9/ | 81 | X | X | 53...20 | 38 | 47 | 72 | 90 | 98...

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