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i don't know what soccer is ??? Here in Europe it's called football.. !

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Q: The top ten highest capacity soccer stadiums in the world?
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Best soccer stadiums in the world?

San Siro in Italy. Is the best soccer stadiums in the world

How many soccer stadiums are there in the world?

a lot

How many stadiums are needed for a soccer world cup?

A minimum of eight stadiums are needed.

How many Stadiums for 2010 world cup soccer?


What are the stadiums for the World Cup 2010?

South Africa: Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg

How many stadiums are going to be used in the 2010 soccer World Cup in South Africa?

10 stadiums in 9 different cities hosted the matches.

About travel places?

There are many travel places in the world. They include beaches, national parks, museums and soccer stadiums.

Highest number of world cup win by a team soccer?

The highest number of world cups a soccer team can win is never limited but the most recent world cups a team has won in soccer is 5.

What are the highest grossing sporting events in the world?


Who are the highest paid soccer players in the world?

The highest paid soccer player in the world is currently Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese soccer player, who now plays for Real Madrid. David Beckham is also known to be one of the highest paid players in the world.

Who is the highest paid soccer player in 2010?

The highest paid soccer player in the world is Christiano Ronaldo who plays for Real Madrid.

How many soccer firlds do they need for the FIFA?

Do you mean how many stadiums do they need for the FIFA World Cup. If this the question then it is 10.

Who is the highest paid soccer player in the world?

Christiano Ronaldo

What sport has the highest tv ratings?

Football is the highest rated in the USA. But the highest in the world is soccer, followed by Hockey.

What is the highest participation sport in the world?

Futbol or as known in America soccer is the sport with the highest participation.

What are some soccer stadiums?

The most famous stadium in da world is the Maracana Stadium in Brazil which holds above 199, 000

World classification for highest paid soccer players?

Highest is Zidane from AC Milan to Real Madrid

Who is the most expensive soccer player in the world?

David Beckham is the highest grossing soccer player in the world. He makes around $25M a year.

What is world sport day?

Football aka Soccer is the highest played sport in the world. A sport that is growing is baskeball. But your safest bet is soccer

Which sport is most popular?

The most popular sport in the world, by a wide margin, is soccer, or "football," as it is called in most of the world. There are soccer stadiums in South America and Europe that hold over 100,000 spectators, and they are packed for every match.

How many stadiums will be used in 2010 world cup?

There will be a total of eight stadiums for the 2010 world cup.

Who were the top ten highest paid Soccer players in 2008?

Ronaldinho must be the first highest payment in the world

How many stadiums does South Africa have?

The World Cup will be hosted in 10 stadiums.

Who is the highest paid male African soccer player in the world?

Didier Drogba

Who is now the highest paid soccer player of the world in 2010?

It is Christiano Ronaldo.