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1.) Dallas Cowboys

2.) Green Bay Packers

3.) Pittsburgh Steelers

4.) New England Patriots

5.) Denver Broncos

6.) Chicago Bears

7.) Oakland Raiders

8.) Baltimore Ravens

9.) San Francisco 49ers

10.) New York Giants

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The top ten NFL franchises based on regular season victories:

1. Chicago Bears 728-530-42

2. Green Bay Packers 695-535-36

3. New York Giants 658-544-33

4. Pittsburgh Steelers 565-517-20

5. Washington Redskins 565-540-27

6. San Francisco 49ers 539-431-16

7. Philadelphia Eagles 527-566-27

8. St. Louis Rams 524-520-21

9. Detroit Lions 516-615-32

10. Arizona Cardinals 507-714-39

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Through the 2010 season, the following five NFL teams have the highest winning percentage of all-time:

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Cowboys, Bears, Packers, Giants, Colts, Jets, Patriots, Saints, Eagles & Steelers.

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Q: The top 10 winningest NFL teams ever?
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