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Snooker or pool. It is the stick that you use to hit the ball.

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Q: The term cue is related to which game?
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Related questions

What is the game snooker?

Snooker is a game played with a cue and table with pockets like Billiards and pool. For more information see the related link.

What is a retrieval cue?

Information from the long-term memory is easier to accesss with retrieval cue

What sport uses term cue?

Table games such as billiards or snooker.

Which game is related to the word 'out of limits'?

The game that is related to the term "Out of Limits" is Texas Hold'em.

What does billiard stick mean?

A stick is the same as a cue. Cue is the term most used.

Is Cue a associate term of snooker?


Gambit is a term related with which game?


What is English shot in pool game?

The term 'english' is used to describe the spin put on the cue ball by striking it either left or right of center.

What are cue tips?

The tip of the cue is provided with a multi-layered leather tip on its end that allows better contact with the cue ball. Without a properly maintained cue tip, a player cannot have proper cue ball control, one of the most important features of the game.

Snooker is what kind of game?

It is a cue sport.

What is the white ball called in game of billiards?

The cue ball. Or just the white ball.

In the game of pool what colour is the cue ball?

White ADD: Again a basic answer that is technically incorrect. The cue ball just needs to be identifiable from the other balls. The cue ball is the ball that you strike with your cue stick. In many games the cue ball will change during the game. Also, with the advent of "larger" cue balls in coin operated tables at pubs, many players will use one of the like sized and weighted balls from the playing set rather than the white cue ball.

What game is played with cue sticks?

pocket pool

Do you loose a pool game if the cue ball goes in after the 8 ball?

Yes, the cue ball must always remain on the table.

What is military setup?

Never heard of such. Is this term related to a War Game.

Which of the following is an example of a short-term cue for eating?

Food aroma

Which game is related with the term reverse swing?

football,hockey,cricket, kabadi

What is the term used to refer to an actor who has forgotten his or her lines in a live performance?


What does the term CUE indicate in Games?

The stick to hit the ball in Snooker/Billiards

Does the cue strike a cue ball horizontally?

No. There are almost no opportunities for the average person to have the cue contact the cue ball on the horizontal in a game of pocket billiards or pool. In nearly all shots, the butt of the cue must be raised slightly. And for most shots, cue ball control becomes an important part of the shot, requiring that contact be made off center as well, very often below or above center and not horizontally.

What is the names of a solid white ball in billiards game?

Cue Ball

What is the name of the solid white ball in a billiard game?

Cue ball

On the game of billards do you lose if you hit the cue ball in on the break?

No, you don't.

What is the term of billiards?

Billiards can be a generic term used to catagorize all cue sports. It is also the name of a specific game which is played with only 3 balls and on a table with no pockets. It is also the term used to describe the action of glancing, or carom, off a ball to make contact with another or to pocket a ball.

Is the game over if you make the cue ball in a pocket on the break?

No. It is a foul, but the game will continue with the other player's turn.