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Q: The tennis player with the most wins?
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What is it called when a player wins all four Grand Slam events and the Olympics gold medal in tennis?

A tennis player who wins the tennis Grand Slam and an Olympics gold medal in the same calendar year would be referred to as having won a "Golden Slam".

What is a gold ball in tennis?

A gold ball is when a player wins a super national tennis tournament.

What duke player has the most wins?

he is a unstoppable player;

Does a pro golfer or pro tennis player make more money?

It depends on which one wins more often.

Who wins the finals in prince of tennis?

Seigaku wins the final

Who is the most famous tennis player?

Rafael Nadal

Who is the most famouse Tennis player?

Sania Mirza

Who is the most famous player in tennis?

Roger Federer

Who is the most downloaded female tennis player?


Most famous tennis player?

Novak Djokovic

How do you be a good tennis player?

Practicing a lot, because tennis is one of the most techinic sports.

How much did djokovic tennis player earn his latest wins?

He won 26 million Australian Dollars at the Australian Open.