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Real Madrid

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Q: The team who won the most champions league titles?
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Which team has won the most UEFA Champions League titles?

Real Madrid have won the most Champion league titles a total of 9 times.Real Madrid is the team that has won the most Championship League titles with 9 titles.

What team has won the uefa champions league the most times?

Real Madrid (9 titles)

Which team has won the UEFA Champions League the most times real Madrid livrpool or barcalona?

Real Madrid has won the most Champions League titles (including European Cup).

What team has the most champions league titles ever?

Real Madrid C.F have won the most number of Champions Leagues. They have won it a record 10 times.

Who is leading in champion league?

No team really leads in the Champions League as despite its name, it is more like a tournament. But Real Madrid are the most successful Club in the Champions league with 10 titles.

Which team is the greatest team in UEFA champions league?

It is the Spanish giants Real Madrid with a record of 9 titles the most, A.c. Milan come next with 7 titles.

Why is Liverpool FC good in your opinion?

Liverpool is one of oldest clubs in Premier League. Liverpool have the most Champions League titles in England. They have 18 top division titles. The team are not rough. Liverpool are the longest team in the top division.

Is Liverpool fc rubbish at football?

No, they are the ONLY English team to win 5 champions league titles.

Which team in the la liga has the most number of titles?

Real Madrid is the La Liga team with the most titles. It has 32 league titles.

What team has most premier league titles?


What English Football team holds the most league titles?

Manchester United with 19 league titles

What national league team has the most World Series titles?

The St Louis Cardinals are the National League team with the most World Series titles (11).

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