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In Basketball, the tallest player usuall plays center. In rare cases, it is the power forward.

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Q: The tallest player on a team usually plays the position of?
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Who are the tallest basketballers?

Currently, the tallest player is NBA player Yao Ming. He plays for the Houston Rockets, and towers at 7' 6".

who is the tallest player in the world?

Regan Crocker is some kid who plays for Brisbane. The actual tallest Basketball player is Kenny George at 7' 7"

Who is the tallest basketball player in the world?

Regan Crocker is some kid who plays for Brisbane. The actual tallest basketball player is Kenny George at 7' 7"

Does a basketball player number signify their position?

There is no connection between a basketball player's number and the position he or she plays.

Who is the tallest NHL player?

The tallest players in the NHL are Zdeno Chara who currently plays for the Boston Bruins as a defence men and Tyler Myers who plays for the Buffalo Sabres also as a defence man.

Tallest soccer player in the wolrd?

it is van hout a keeper who plays for standard liege in belgium

At what position christiano ronaldo plays?

Christiano Ronaldo usually plays as a winger on the left side.

The Chargers player Anthony Waters plays what position?


Tallest player in major league soccer?

here in England its called football, and our tallest player must be a guy called peter crouch, who plays for Liverpool fc, at about 6 ft 8 ish

Who was the tallest baseball player ever to play major league baseball?

The tallest player in MLB history is current Minnesota Twins pitcher Jon Rauch who is 6 feet, 11 inches tall.Jon Rauch is the tallest MLB player of all time, at 6'11. He still plays today.

In lacrosse which position can roam the entire field?

The player that plays center.

Who is the tallest player in the WNBA?

Standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall, the tallest player in the WNBA is Brittney Griner. Griner graduated from Nimitz High School in Houston and now plays for the Phoenix Mercury.

Most important position in soccer?

Soccer is a team sport. Everyone contributes to the game. An important position is the defensive midfield. It supports the defenders and makes plays. The captain on the team is usually the best player.

What sport do you have a center player?

hockey has a position called center. the player obviosly plays in the center

Who is the tallest college basketball player ever?

Kenny George is 7'7 and 360lbs and plays for N. Carolina-Asheville

Tennessee Titans's player 81 plays what position?

As for 2013, Tight End.

What team is the tallest basketball player on?

For the National Basketball Association, of the United States of America, Ming Yao (Or traditionally Yao Ming) is 7 ft 6 inches, the tallest registered player in the NBA, plays for the Houston Rockets.

In basketball what is the position for each player?

the two people in the front of the court on defense or on offense is called a quard the person who brins the ball down on offense is called the point guard the two people playing down low are called forwards and usually the tallest person on the court plays in the center which is called the center in defense and offense

Who is the smallest player on the 49ers team and what position does he play?

chad,hall he plays wr

How much do the NFL players make a mouth?

Depends on how good and what position the player plays.

What position does maria sharapova play?

Miss Sharapova is a tennis player. She plays singles, so she does not have a position. Positions are for team sports.

What position does FC stand for?

When a player plays significant minutes at BOTH the POWER FORWARD (or SMALL FORWARD) and CENTER position they get labeled with the position FC (forword/center).

How much do professional NFL players get?

It all depends on the owner of the team, who the player is, and what position he plays.

Who is Nick Christani?

Nick Christani is a baseball player, he is from New Jersey and plays at position RHP.

What position does LeBron James mostly play?

Lebron James usually plays forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers.