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In Basketball, the tallest player usuall plays center. In rare cases, it is the power forward.

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Q: The tallest player on a team usually plays the position of?
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Who is the tallest player on the team who usually plays the position of basketball?

One of the five players on a basketball team is the Center. That player is usually the tallest member of the team.

What is the position of the tallest person in basketball?

For the National Basketball Association, of the United States of America, Ming Yao (Or traditionally Yao Ming) is 7 ft 6 inches, the tallest registered player in the NBA, plays for the Houston Rockets.

Who are the tallest basketballers?

Currently, the tallest player is NBA player Yao Ming. He plays for the Houston Rockets, and towers at 7' 6".

who is the tallest player in the world?

Regan Crocker is some kid who plays for Brisbane. The actual tallest Basketball player is Kenny George at 7' 7"

Does a basketball player number signify their position?

There is no connection between a basketball player's number and the position he or she plays.

Who is the tallest basketball player in the world?

Regan Crocker is some kid who plays for Brisbane. The actual tallest basketball player is Kenny George at 7' 7"

The Chargers player Anthony Waters plays what position?


What sport do you have a center player?

hockey has a position called center. the player obviosly plays in the center

Who is the tallest person in the afl?

The tallest player ever is current Fremantle Dockers ruckman Aaron Sandilands who stands 2.11 m (6 ft 11 in) tall.

Tennessee Titans's player 81 plays what position?

As for 2013, Tight End.

What position does LeBron James mostly play?

LeBron James usually plays forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Whos's the tallest college basketball player?

Kenny George is 7'7 and 360lbs and plays for N. Carolina-Asheville