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10 ft

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Q: The standard height of the olympic basketball rims?
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What is the official basketball net height for a thirteen year old?

ten feet. That's the regulation height, and after the age of twelve....regulation rims are always used.

Why are the basketball rims orange?

There is no specific reason basketball rims are orange.

Are nba rims wider than college rims?

Basketball rims in the NBA are the same as college rims.

What are cragar rims?

Derrr, they're rims for cars, not basketball

What gears is used to play a basketball?

basketball rims and nets

How is the game of basketball today different from the first basketball?

The added backboards, rims, rules and many more.

Size Toyota camry1993 rims?

The standard rims on a 1993 Toyota Camry are 14", but if you have the sport package (with a V6 engine) you will have 15" rims.

Do basketball rims have to be orange?

Of course not but in the NBA it is the official colour.

What is the size of the bolts used for Basketball rims?

The size of the bolts used for basketball rims will depend on the manufacturer. Some of the bolts may be half inch heads and some may be a metric measure of 9mm to 11mm.

What is the definition of after market tires and rims?

Tires and rims that are something better than the standard auto tires.

Are the rims of the nba basketball hoops metal?

yes they are made from metal

Why are basketball rims orange?

because that's the color of the paint they put on them

When was the spring basketball goal invented?

Breakaway rims were invented in the mid-1970s

Will 15 inch rims fit on a 2002 silverado?

Standard 15 inch rims will fit on a 2002 Chevy Silverado. They do not allow for as much room around the rotors like larger rims.

Why are basketball rims orange and is it required by the various basketball organizations including high school college and pros?

Visibility. Orange is easy to see.

What are the dimensions for a high school basketball backboard?

The regulation size for a high school basketball rim is 6 ft wide by 42 inches tall. Basketball rims are 18 inches in diameter.

What size rims fit a 1994 Toyota Camry?

The 1994 Toyota Camry came with standard 15 inch rims. The 1994 Toyota Camry offered an option for 16 inch rims.

What size are the standard rims on a 1996 Chevy Tahoe?

16 inch

What is the price range for four black rims?

It depends on the vehicle, but if it is your standard car, you can get a basic set of rims for $600-$650, with more expensive rims upwards of $1000, it all really depends on what you want to pay.

What changes in equipment used have happend since basketball was first created?

i know the rims and type of ball have changed

What NBA player was responsible for the basketball rims being raised?

Wilt chamberlain he also was the cause of goaltending call.

What size rims can fit on 1996 Toyota hiace height and width?

buy a tape measure

Will 20 inch rims fit on a Chrysler LHS?

Standard 20 inch rims will fit on a Chrysler LHS with minimal modifications. The vehicle will need to be lifted slightly to allow for proper clearance.

Will 32' tires on 15' rims fit on a 98 ford expedition or will it have to be lifted if so what is minimum height needed?

that answer was copletely false my expidition came stock with 15inch rims its a 1998 4x4

What size rims can you put on a f 150?

u can put any size of rims on an f-150 as long as you adjust the ride height to fit it. usually though probably around 24's-26's without adjusting your ride height depending on your year of f-150