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There is no regular salary for beach volleyball players. The more you play and win the more you make money.

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Q: The salary of a professional beach volleyball player?
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Average salary of a beach volleyball player?

Depends how many tournaments the players win..

How do you go about becoming a professional beach volleyball player?

i practice a lot and i became a pro

What is the name of player who play Beach volleyball?

One famous beach volleyball player is Misty May Treanor. Also Kerri Welsh is a famous beach volleyball player. Holly McPeak is a famous beach volleyball player. Add on if you know any more beach volleyball players!

How do you become a professional beach volleyball player?

Get an instructor, or classes and then keep practicing every day or as often as you can.

Who is Natalie Cook?

Natalie Cook is an Australian professional beach volleyball player and Olympic gold medalist.

Can you play professional volleyball?

there isn't a professional volleyball league but there's always the Olympics or beach volleyball you can play. there is also the option of playing club or travel ball.

Who is Kerri Walsh?

She's a professional beach volleyball player. She and her partner Misty May won the gold medal the 2004 Olympics.

Who is the best volley ball player?

Murilo Misty May is really good at beach volleyball player. She and her partner won the Olympics in beach volleyball for the USA.

Who is the tallest female volleyball player?

Two of the tallest players are twins. Their names are Anne and Clair Recht. They're 19 year olds from Camby, Oregon and stand just over 6ft. 7in. Nelly Fonova and Yekaterina Gamova are both Russian professional volleyball players listed at 6'9". Colleen Smith is probably the tallest female professional beach volleyball player at 6'7" Height is tricky with volleyball and basketball. It is usually listed in shoes if the sport is played with shoes and barefoot if not (beach volleyball). But many beach volleyball players had a start with indoor volleyball and use their listed heights from that sport.

Famous volleyball players?

Karch Kiraly:Charles Frederick "Karch" Kiraly born November 3, 1960 in Jackson, Michigan), is an American volleyball player who is the only person to have won Olympic gold medals in both the indoor and beach versions of the sport.Misty Mae Treanor:Misty Elizabeth May-Treanor (born July 30, 1977) is a retired American professional beach volleyball player. She is a three-time Olympic gold medalist, and as of August 2012, the most successful female beach volleyball player with 112 individual championship wins in domestic and international competition.Kerri Walsh:Kerri Lee Walsh Jennings (born August 15, 1978) is an American professional beach volleyball player.

Volleyball at the Olympics?

Yes, there is volleyball at the Olympics but it is only beach volleyball.

Who is the woman that was a beach volleyball player and model?

Gabrielle Reece

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