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There are no penalty strokes in hockey, theres penalty shots where basically a skater taking the shot has one shot to get the puck past the goalie. theres penalty strokes in Golf

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Q: The rules of penalty stroke in hockey?
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When does an umpire give a penalty stroke in hockey?

Never. There are no Umpires nor are there Penalty Strokes in hockey.

When is a penalty stroke awarded in field hockey?

There is a penalty stroke in hockey for an intentional foul within the circle or for a foul preventing a probable goal. A penalty stroke can also be awarded for defenders repeatedly breaking the line early at a penalty corner.

What classification of skill is a penalty stroke in hockey?

The stroke can be taken as either a push, a flick or a scoop.

What is a penalty stroke?

Golf:a penalty stroke is a stroke added to a golfer's score for some infraction, for example, out of bounds or into a water obstacle.Field Hockey:a penalty stroke is awarded for serious or deliberate infractions within the shooting circle, or where the infraction prevented the probable scoring of a goal. A Penalty Stroke in field hockey is much like a Penalty in Football (Soccer).

Why are fouls called in field hockey?

Any breach of the rules is an unfair advantage to one team. A free hit (or penalty corner, or stroke) is awarded to remove this advantage.

In taking a field hockey penalty stroke where do the striker's feet have to be before the stroke is taken?

The striker's feet must be behind the ball before the stroke is taken.

Can a caddy call a stroke penalty?

Yes he/she can because they can call a rules official over and give their situation to see if the situation ends up costing the golfer a penalty stroke.

When is there a penalty stroke in hockey?

When a player is intentionally fouled within the 25 meter area or within the 'D'

What is a two stroke penalty in golf?

It means two points added to a player's score for infractions of the rules.

What is it called when a player does something illegal in a hockey game?

It is called a penalty go to google and search hockey rules and it will tell you like tripping and all of the other penalties

How is a hockey game restarted after an unsuccessful penalty stroke?

The defense receives a free hit (a 16-yard/14.63-metre) at the top of the circle.

What kind of hockey rules was there when it was field hockey in Ireland?

It is a mixture of field hockey's rules and lacrosses rules.

In hockey what is the penalty box?

the penalty box is where the players go into it to serve a penalty

What happens if you break the golf rules?

Breaking the rules of golf either result in a one or two shot penalty or disqualification in stroke play and a loss of hole in match play.

What is penalty for improving your golf lie?

Two stroke penalty.

What is in hockey?

penalty box

What are the rules of ice hockey?

Fail answer before... Hockey has many rules.

What is the penalty for grounding a club in a sand trap?

one stroke penalty

What are six rules of field hockey?

There are more than 6 rules of hockey

What is lounge in hockey?

penalty box

In golf what is the penalty for hitting your ball out of bounds?

It's a one stroke penalty.

Is there a penalty if the ball moves when you ground your club?

yes a one stroke penalty

What is the penalty for teeing up your ball in front of the tee markers?

The rules state, in matchplay, there is no penalty but your opponent may immediately ask you to replay the stroke from the teeing ground. In strokeplay, there is a two stroke penalty and the previous shot must be cancelled, with another ball being put in play. However if the player fails to correct his mistake before he completes that hole, he is disqualified.

What is the penalty for teeing off in the wrong area in matchplay golf?

Your opponent can ask you to cancel that stroke and play another stroke from the proper tee box. There is no instant loss of hole like there is in other rules violations.

When is half time in field hockey?

Half time is usually after the first 35 timed minutes of play, unless a penalty corner or stroke is being played out at that time; in this case, halftime begins upon the completion of said corner or stroke.