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Allows the rope to be clamped

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Q: The purpose of the cleat and cam cleat?
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What is the purpose of a cleat?

what is the purpose of the clam-cleat what is the purpose of the clam-cleat

A simple machine that uses a cam cleat?

A cam cleat is usually used on ships or boats for tying ropes.

What is the purpose of a eccentric cam?

So you can adjust the throw of the cam

What does a soccer cleat and a baseball cleat look like?

Soccer shoes do not have a cleat in the front while baseball shoes do.

How much soccer cleats weigh?

depends on the cleat what cleat do you have

Who invented the baseball cleat?

Paul Butler is the inventor of the baseball cleat.

What is the fastest cleat in the world?

the worlds fastest (lightest) cleat is the F50s by adidas

What is the lightest football cleat in the world?

the lightest football cleat is nike vapor jett

Are Nike 90 a good cleat?

yes nike 90 is a very good type of cleat

What is the difference between a economic Nike cleat and a regular Nike cleat?

economics are made of cheaper material

What purpose does an IP cam serve?

An IP cam serves the purpose of monitoring one's home. One can use it as a security feature to monitor the outside of the house from inside or to monitor the house when on vacation.

What is the different between football cleat and soccer cleat?

While I am not an expert, I would image that the football cleat is specifically designed for forward and back traction, while the soccer cleat is designed for lateral movement and permits more side-to-side activity. An expert in the shoe industry could verify this.

What would be a good knot for tying up a row boat?

If there is a cleat available, the Cleat Hitch or Open Throat Cleat Hitch should be used. If there is no cleat, a post or piling is most likely available, and a couple of round turns on the post with 2 Half Hitches is quick and somewhat secure.

What is the best soccer cleat for youth?

in my opinion the best cleat for youth is anything in the nike total 90 catorgory

Does every major league pitching mound have a cleat cleaner mat on it?

yes every team has a cleat cleaner.

Are there minerals in soccer cleat?


What is the specific purpose of a timing belt?

The actual name for this belt is the Cam Belt. Its purpose is to turn the cam in the engine which opens and closes the valves at the correct time. Therefore the term timing belt is sometimes used.

What do you call the metal object on the dock where you tie up a boat?

It's usually called a cleat, generally a horn cleat.

What is purpose of timing chain?

Timing chains and timing belts are used to turn the cam shaft. The term timing chain or belt is a misnomer. They are really just a cam chain or cam belt.

Why no toe cleat on the soccer cleat?

"the reason is because that no one steps on there toes" - previous answer lol, not quite! In soccer, the toe cleat prevents you from kicking the ball properly. It drags on the ground and messes up your control.

What is a boating cleat?

A cleat is a metal device secured to the deck to run mooring ropes through . Cleats have different shapes and names

What is a boats cleat?

A cleat is a metal device secured to the deck to run mooring ropes through . Cleats have different shapes and names

How can cleat or cam cleat used in real life and give the examples?

If your referring to ' cleats' and 'clam cleats' they are used on boats to secure ropes and they allow a smaller crew to man larger vessels. The difference between the two is that eh cleat is often a mechanical device that clamps down using a spring mechanism onto the rope and locks it in place while the other uses a series of down ward 'v's to (with the help of friction) jam the rope in place holding it for the sailor thus freeing a hand. Hope this helps.

What is the lighest cleat in the world?


What are parts of a soccer cleat?

they are shoes