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it is still counted as a goal

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Q: The player kicks the ball to his own goal?
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What do we call a scored goal when a player kicks the ball directly to his own goal?

An own goal

What happens in soccer when a player kicks a ball directly into a goal?

You mean his own goal?? -that would be called an 'own goal' If you don't mean that, then it might be called an "open-play" goal.

What is the term when a player moves the ball into the goal post past the goalie?

If a football player kicks the ball past the opposing goalkeeper, and into the goal net, it is a score.If the player accidentally kicks the ball into the net of his own side, it is a home-goal, and the goal is given to the opposing side.Answer 2:In ice hockey or soccer or lacrosse it's called a goal. In football it's called a field goal

How is the ball put into play when the defense kicks it across the goal line?

its an own goal so the ball is bought back to the middle

In soccer from a kick -off the player kicks the ball directily into the goal what is it?

If he kicks it into the opponent's goal, then a goal is awarded and a kick-off is given to the opposing team. If he kicks it into his own goal, then the kick was backwards and must be retaken. In some youth leagues (under 8) there are no direct kicks, so if the ball were untouched into the goal, the kick would be retaken. If a defender touched it on the way to the net, the goal would count. This is similar to a throw-in, which cannot score a goal directly.

When the defensive team kicks the ball out over their own goal line but not in the goal?

It goes for a corner kick on which ever side of the field the ball went out on.

Can a goal keeper dribble the ball back into his goal area and pick it up?

Yes, but it depends on how it was passed to them. There are restrictions when a team mate kicks it it to their own goal keeper. There are restrictions when a team mate throws a ball in directly to their own goal keeper.

Is it a penalty if a player kicks the ball back to the goal keeper?

It is legal for a teammate to kick the ball to their own goal keeper. The goalkeeper would not be allowed to use their hands. If they do so, then it would be an indirect free kick for the opponents at the location the goalkeeper touched the ball. A penalty kick would not be awarded.

What determines whether a goalie kicks or punts the ball?

If the ball goes wholly and completely over the goal line - but NOT in the goal - and is last touched by the attacking team - it is a goal kick from the 6 yard line. If the goalie catches the ball and controlls it off of the ground - then he can then throw or punt it - it is his choice!! And if the goalie accidentally throws or punts it into his own goal - it is NOT a goal - it is a corner kick - because goalie punts are indirect and must touch another player before going into ANY goal!!!! If the goalie punts it and it bounces off another player and THEN goes it his own goal - it is a goal!!!!!

What will be the decision of the referee if a player throws the ball into his own goal by throw in?

A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw in. This is the binding rule in this instance. If a player takes a throw in and the ball crosses his own goal line between the uprights and under the crossbar, the ball has crossed the goal line. Because the Laws of the Game state that no goal can be scored from a throw in, the player taking the throw in effectively threw the ball across his own goal line. This will result in a restart with the otherteam taking a corner kick.

How do you score a goal that a defender scores in their own goal?

shoot the ball at the defender but the ball has to continue going to the is an own goal by a defender

Is it a own goal when the ball touches the goalie and gets scored?

No. If the ball was going into the net if the goalkeeper had not touched it then it is not an own goal. If the ball was going wide and the keeper pushes it back into the goal then it is an own goal.

What is a goal kick?

A goal kick is a direct free-kick awarded to the defending team. It is awarded when a player from the attacking team causes the ball to cross the goal line and a goal is not awarded (for example, because the ball went wide of the goal, or a the ball crossed to goal line as a result of an indirect free-kick). A goal-kick is taken by the goalkeeper or any defending player placing the ball in his own goal area (six yard box) and hoofing the ball upfield. Technically a hoof is not compulsory, but the fast majority of goal-kicks are hoofed upfield. All members of the attacking team must leave the penalty area until the ball has left the penalty area following a goal kick. The ball must leave the penalty directly from the kick. If the kicker fails to kick the ball outside the penalty area, the kick is retaken. A goal can be scored from a goal kick, because a goal can be scored from a direct free-kick. An own-goal cannot be scored from a goal kick, because an own-goal cannot be scored from a direct free-kick. A goal kick is called a goal kick because it is taken from the goal area (six yard box). A player cannot be offside from a goal kick.

In soccer what is a corner kick?

A corner kick occurs when defensive team causes a ball to go out of bounds over its own goal line. To put the back in play, the ball is placed at the corner of the side of the field that ball went out of bounds. A player on the offensive team then kicks the ball back into play from that spot. In FIFA's Laws of the Game, Law 17 describes corner kicks in more detail.

Is it a foul when a player from team A passes the ball back to his own goalie and the goalie then kicks it into play?

no, the goalie can kick the ball. He cannot pick it up though.

Can a goal keeper play penalty kick?

The goalkeeper has all the rights of any other player, plus their special privilege to handle the ball within their own penalty area. This means that goalkeepers can legally take goal kicks, corner kicks, kickoffs, free kicks, penalty kicks, throw-ins, and are required to take a turn during kicks from the penalty mark to determine a winner (a.k.a. shootout) before any team mate may kick a second time.

Are Soccer players are allowed to touch the balls in their hands?

No, that's called a handling. The handling rule includes anywhere from the fingertips to the shoulder. The touch must be intentional and is totally up to the discretion of the refereed. A ball that inadvertently touches a players hand or arm from a kick or bounce is usually not called. When a "handling" infraction occurs the opposing team receives possession of the ball via an indirect kick at the point of infraction.The only player allowed to "handle" the ball is the goal keeper and only when he is inside his own penalty area. He may NOT, however, "handle" the ball if it is intentionally kicked to him by one of his own team or if he steps outside the penalty area.Any other player may touch the ball with their hands if the ball goes out of bounds (into "touch") over the sideline (touch line) in which a throw-in occurs. Other players may also touch the ball with their hands to place the ball for goal kicks, corner kicks, direct kicks, and indirect kicks.

What happens when a punter kicks the ball into his own endzone?

it's a safety

What is free kicks in soccer?

A free kick is a restart awarded to a team when their opponents commit certain fouls, misconduct, and other infractions of the Laws of the Game. The ball is placed on the ground and is stationary. A player from the team given the kick then kicks the ball, and it is in play. The opposing team must remain 10 yards away from the ball until it is kicked (unless they are standing on their own goal line between the goalposts; only possible on Indirect Free Kicks).

Hitting ball in your own goal in soccer what is it called?

It's as simple as an own goal. :)

Can you throw a soccer ball into your own goal?

No, a goal cannot be scored directly from a throw in. If the ball was thrown into your own goal, it would be a corner to the opposing team. If the ball was thrown into the opposing teams goal, the restart would be a goal kick.

What does og mean in soccer?

In soccer it means own goal. That is when a player from say England nets the ball into his own net by mistake.

Different ways to score in soccer?

One.The ball must be in play.The ball must completely exit the field across the opponent's goal line, between the goal posts, and under the crossbar.Exceptions: Indirect free kicks, throw-ins, or any "own team" restarts cannot score a goal.

What will happen in football when the goalie touches ball and the ball will get scored will it be a own goal?

The main thing is, was the ball going in anyway? If the ball was going in and the goalkeeper gets a hand to it, it is not deemed to be an own goal. Sometimes the keeper will get a hand to it, but not enough to stop it going in, this is not an own goal. If however the ball was going a metre wide and the goalkeeper fumbles it into the net, that is an own goal.

Was there a Brazilian soccer player ever killed after kicking a ball into his own goal?

No, there was a Colombian player who was killed by the name of Andres Escobar