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81 percent

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Q: The percentage of girls who play netball?
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Can you play in mixed teams in netball?

Yes you can play in mixed teams in netball. Some people think netball is just for girls...but its not its for both girls and boys.

How many boys are allowed to play in a girls netball team?

boys can't play in girls netball teams unless it is a mix team.

A netball team has 20 members.14 of these are girls.What percentage of the team are girls?


Does netball have a impact on people?

not really you can get some injurys but mostly it is fairly safe

Who is better at netball boys or girls?

People think that netball is traditionally for girls only. However I believe that men can play to

Why didn't girls used to play rugby?

because netball was their game and rugby was too rough.

My daughter is 4 and s she ready to be taught how to play netball?

let her play there are plenty of NETA clubs for younger girls

Do men play netball?

They can - I'm a boy of 13 and I do, because I found basketball too difficult and frustrating - but I don't find netball very easy either. The girls I play with are faster and more confident than me, and I end up getting teased a lot during the game. Like tennis, it's really a sport girls are better at than than boys when you're our age.

How is netball a feminine game?

How is football a male game?! Netball isn't a feminine game at all really. Its just that the professional games are played with women. Many younger teams are open for boys to join and play but as they get older you have to join a mixed netball team and there are plenty around the place for all ages! Men start to get funny about netball and say its a girls sport because one of the rules is no contact (which really isn't true, plenty of dirty play in netball) plus they see that there are loads of girls playing and not many boys and the rules don't seem to suit them (supposebly)... But in all netball isn't just for girls! Its just that not many guys are brave enough to try and play it. and guys CAN play it.

What is the venue for netball?

you play netball on a netball court :)

Why is netball a girl sport?

netball is considered a girls sport because of the no contact rule which makes it a girly woosy sportBut...I'm a boy of fourteen and I play netball because I was finding basketball too hard, and believe me, the girls I play against are not woosy! It may be no contact, but they're faster than me and they can jump and throw better. They tease me out of my wits during the game and I get so hot and bothered!

What size basketball does an 11 year old girl use?

Typically for that age girls use the womens size or 28.5.