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social reforms

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Q: The overcrowding of cities by the waves of immigrants created the need for a variety of?
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The overcrowding of the cities by the waves of immigrants created the need for a variety of?

social reforms

What are two exsamples of challenges facing urban immigrants in the late 1800s and early 1900s?

Some examples of challenges faced by immigrants in the late 1800s were:- unable to speak English- overcrowding of the cities- unable to find jobs

What are three outcomes of the industrial revolution?

Overcrowding of cities (APEX)

Reforms in sanitation were especially needed in cities due to?


What are the implications of optimum population?

An optimum population refers to a level at which a society can balance its available resources with the needs and well-being of its inhabitants. Achieving an optimum population can lead to sustainable development, efficient resource utilization, and improved quality of life for all members of society. However, determining the exact number and composition of an optimum population can be complex and may require consideration of various social, economic, and environmental factors.

What characterizes life in early industrial cities?

Overcrowding and Tenement Houses.

What is one effect of overcrowding in cities?

They needed Skyscrapers and had to live near transportaton.

Why did immigrants group together in cities?

Immigrants grouped together in cities because they wanted to be reminded of their home.

What created the greatest need for urban social programs during the late 1800s?

the influx of immigrants to industrial cities

Why did most immigrants moving to the cities in America?

more economic oppurtunity

Why did many people migrate to the Sunbelt?

to escape traffic, overcrowding, and enviromental problems in northern cities

Which development resulted in the spread of disease and mortality rates during the industrial revolution?

Overcrowding in cities