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The Texas Rangers were originally The Washington Senators. However, they were not the original Washington Senators; the original Washington Senators became the Minnesota Twins. Now if you are talking about the law enforcement Rangers. They were organized as police force in Texas. The first members were "minutemen" hired by U.S. settlers as protection against Indian attacks in the 1835. They did not wear uniforms or salute their officers but were highly disciplined and known for their marksmanship. At their peak in the 1870s, the Rangers brought Law and Order to hundreds of miles of Texas frontier. In 1935 they were merged with the state highway patrol. They handle investigations in the state much like the FBI does in the country.

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In 1823 Texan Stephen F. Austin formed the Texas Rangers. He organized the Rangers into two companies for the common defense of Texas. Later in US history the Rangers gained fame as an elite law enforcement group.

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In 1935 the Texas rangers were created Texas thought they needed a department of safety so they created the Texas rangers

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The Texan who created the Texas Rangers was Stephen F. Austin.

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Q: The origin of the Texas Rangers?
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