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Brad Johnson Against Carolina in 1997, he caught his deflected pass and ran three yards for a touchdown

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Q: The only quarterback in the nfl to throw a touchdown pass to himself?
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Who is the only quarterback to win a MVP and not throw a touchdown pass?

Joe Namath

Who is the only Quarterback throw himself touchdown?

In 1997, when playing for the Minnesota Vikings against the Carolina Panthers, Johnson's third-and-goal pass was batted down, but it bounced right back to him. He scrambled 3 yards for a touchdown and 14-7 lead.

Who is the only quarterback to catch a touchdown in the Super Bowl?

jim mcmahon

Can a quarterback throw a pass to himself?

well he cant throw it up and catch it himself lol. but if lets say he throws but its tipped/touched by someone else then he can 4 example if he tries 2 pass but its blocked by a dfensive lineman and goes back 2 him he can its pretty rare but it happens sometimes you can watch some examples on youtube Brett Farve's first throw was to "himself", he threw it and it was tipped right back to him. Actually it happens more often then you would think. Brad Johnson is the only quarterback who has caught his own pass for a touchdown.

Who is the only quarterback not to throw an interception in the 2007 playoffs?

Eli Manning

First quarterback to throw 50 touchdowns in a season?

Tom Brady is the only QB to throw 50 TDs in a season.

What college quarterback threw the most touchdown passes in their career?

Dan LeFevour from Central Michigan University ranks third in NCAA history in total offense (15,140 yards) and is the only quarterback to pass for more than 12,000 yards and rush for more than 2,500. And.............has 148 touchdown passes in his 4-yr career so far, one bowl game to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has a punter ever scored a touchdown in football?

AnswerYes! Here is a listing of a few. Jerry Burch served double duty as a wide receiver and a punter for the 1961 Oakland Raiders and caught a touchdown while being a wide receiver. From 1962-1971, Gary Collins also served as a wide receiver and a punter, only he caught 70 touchdowns- still all as a wide receiver. Danny White was both a punter and a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys from 1976 to 1984 (and was also strictly a quarterback from 1985 to 1988.) White threw 155 TD passes and scored 8 himself as a rusher.Hall of Famer Sammy Baugh, who played from 1938 to 1952, is best known as a quarterback and defensive back, but he was also an outstanding punter.If those don't count, in 1977 Tom Blanchard of the New Orleans Saints threw a 3 yard touchdown pass.

Who is the only NFL quarterback to throw 4000 plus yards in his first two seasons as a starter?

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

First quarterback to throw for 400 yards in the super bowl?

So far Kurt Warner is the only quarterback to throw for 400 yards in a Super Bowl. He passed for 414 yards in Super Bowl XXXIV for the St Louis Rams against the Tennessee Titans.

Which quarterback has the longest streak with must consecutive games with a touchdown pass?

That would be Johnny Unitas of the Baltimore Colts with a 47-game touchdown streak between 1956 and 1960 amazingly that was back ten with only 12 or 14 game seasons(16 currently)..and it is still untouched as of 2009!

Who is the play by play radio announcer who scored a Super Bowl touchdown for Miami?

Jimmy Cefalo caught the only offensive touchdown for the Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII (1983), from quarterback David Woodley. The Dolphins lost 27-17 to the Washington Redskins (Washington's first Super Bowl win).

In 2007 Peyton Manning became only the second quarterback in nfl history to both win a super bowl and throw for more than 4000 yards in the same season name the first quarterback to do this?

Kurt Warner

How many touchdown passes did Joe Namath throw in super bowl iii?

None. The only Jets TD was scored by Matt Snell on a 4 yard run.

Who is the only NFL player to pass for a touchdown rush for a touchdown and return a punt for a touchdown?

Jim Brown

Can you give me an example of sentence using the word incompetence?

His gross incompetence as a Quarterback embarrassed not only himself but his school and teammates !

Who has the second most touchdown passes in a career?

Dan Marino with 420 touchdown passes. Only player in the 400 pass club. Brett Favre is the only player in the 500 touchdown pass club.

What line does the quarter back have to stand behind to throw the ball?

The quarterback can only make a forward pass from behind the line of scrimmage. A lateral pass may be made from anywhere.

What quarterback threw the most touchdown passes in 2006?

In the NFL, Peyton Manning threw 31 touchdown passes to lead the NFL in 2006. In Division I-A NCAA football, Colt Brennan for the University of Hawai'i threw the most touchdown passes in 2006 and set the new NCAA record with 58 touchdown passes and only 12 interceptions. His setting of the new record was due to the rule that bowl games now counted towards records, which allowed him to improve from 53 TD's during the regular season to 58 in total, passing David Klinger's record of 54 set in 1990 with the University of Houston.

Can the quarter catch a batted ball he threw and throw it again?

American football rules dictate that there can be only one forward pass per play. Should the quarterback throw a forward pass that is deflected by another player he may catch the ball but may not attempt another forward pass.

Who was only patriot to score a td in super bowl 20?

Wide receiver Irvin Fryar scored the Patriots sole touchdown in Super Bowl XX. Fryar socred on an 8 yard pass from Quarterback Steve Grogan with 1:48 remaining in the 4th quarter.

Why if you score touchdown in football it is only 6 points?

Its 6 points because a feild goal is half of what the actually touchdown is. (3)

In football can a receiver pass the ball after catching it?

no the receiver can not pass the ball after catching it. hence the name "receiver" he only receives passes and does not throw them Actually the answer above is wrong, if say the quarterback throws the ball backwards or laterally then the receiver can then throw the ball. There is no rule on WHO throws the ball, only that there is one forward pass per play and it must come from behind the line of scrimmage.

Who threw the Pittsburgh Steelers only touchdown pass in their Super Bowl 40 win over the Seattle Seahawks?

On a gadget play, wide receiver Antwaan Randle El threw a 43 yard touchdown pass to Hines Ward. The play started off with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger tossing a pitch to running back Willie Parker, who handed the ball off to Randle El who was coming from the opposite direction.

Who is quarterback for Indianapolis Colts?

only the best quarterback ever, mr Peyton manning