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50.00 dollars

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Q: The official NFL super bowl 3 orange bowl miami collectible cards worth?
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When was Miami Orange Bowl created?

Miami Orange Bowl was created in 1936.

What does the Miami Hurricanes 'U' stand for?

the U stands for university.The "U" stands for university. The orange & green "U" is also the official logo of the University of Miami athletics program. In addition to athletics the school recently adopted the "U" as the official symbol of the University of Miami. The Miami football program has won national titles in 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, and 2001.

What are the Florida Marlins official colors?

Aqua, coral, navy blue, white those are the official colors of Miami dolphins!

Why are the Miami Hurricanes colors green and orange?

the Miami hurricane colour is green!!

What is the difference between orange Vegas and orange Miami phone?

different name.

What are the PMS colors for the Miami Dolphins?

what are the official PMS colors for the Miami Dolphins

What are the Miami Dolphins colors?

Aqua and teal The original colors were orange and aqua. Navy blue was added in 1997 as a trim color, which orange was reduced to as well, leaving Aqua and White. As of today the main colors are Aqua and White (uniforms are either color) and orange & navy blue remain as trim colors. Teal is not a team color for the Miami Dolphins.

Can you pay with credit cards at the Port of Miami?


What logo has orange and red baseball?

miami marlins

Where was the third Super Bowl?

Orange Bowl in Miami

What college has orange and green team colors?


Who played in the 2004 orange bowl?

Florida state and Miami