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Vivek Shantharam ...played Indian Hockey from Chennai in 1916

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Q: The names any great hockey players from any state?
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What state produces the most hockey players?

Minnesota does, and it really isn't all that close. Minnesota has the most registered youth hockey players (53,450 in 2010. Next closest was Michigan with 51,404 registered youth players), produces the most Division 1 hockey players (currently 326 players, or 20.36% of all D1 players. Next closest is Massachusetts with 14.81%), and produces the most pro hockey players (Minnesota has produced 216 players all-time. Massachusetts is next closest with 168). This is why Minnesota is known as the "State of Hockey".

Which state produces the most college hockey players?


What state has produced the most NHL hockey players?

Minnesota by a landslide. The best in hockey all around from Peewee's to the majors.

Which state has the most registered hockey players?

60% Canadians 27% American 13% Europeans

What hockey players were born in Maine?

In what state is hockey the most popular?

Minnesota and Mass. have the most youth and high school hockey. Midwesterners would say Minnesota, while Easterners would say Mass. Minnesota produces the most Div 1 and pro hockey players per capita, so I would say that hockey is most popular in Minnesota.

Can high school players get drafted straight into the NHL?

Yes, high-school players get drafted into the NHL, but predominately in Minnesota. This is because high-school hockey in MN is at a much higher level than any other state with school hockey. These players don't often go straight to the NHL out of high-school. Many of them go to play NCAA Div. 1 hockey or go play in the CHL in Canada before going pro.

What great NBA players came from Michigan State university?

Magic Johnson.

What are the Michigan state sports and team names?

Basketball for men and women, baseball, softball, football, hockey, field hockey, golf, soccer, gymnastics, rowing, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field, wrestling, volleyball, and all are called the Michigan State Spartans.

Is Suny Brockport hockey better than buffalo state hockey?

buffalo state

Where can you find the names of the players from the 2006 Ohio State football team?

What cities in Alaska play Ice hockey?

Most cities in Alaska play ice hockey; the weather makes this state a great place to set up a rink, grab your stick, and play. Hope this helped!!

Songs at Minnesota Wild hockey game?

The State of Hockey

What is the only state that touches four of five five great lakes?

me, me, me, me and me are the five best minecraft players

Who did barry dancer play for in state hockey teams?

Barry Dancer played his state level hockey for Queensland . By Thomas Robinson Barry Dancer played his state level hockey for Queensland . By Thomas Robinson

When was Tri-State Collegiate Hockey League created?

Tri-State Collegiate Hockey League was created in 2010.

Names of great hockey players from West Bengal state Good hockey players?

From Bengal There was the outstanding Keshav Dutt at centre-half, also a classy badminton player. 1968 captain Gurbux Singh, an Aligarh University blue, has served the game for close to five decades. In spite of an in-form Vece Paes, the hugely gifted Ashok Kumar and the legendary Aussie Ric Charlesworth, on the field Gurbux was everyone's choice for Man of the Match; and he was 40 at the time. Garney Nyss, who according to Dhyan Chand was a player from heaven, could well have made it to four Olympics. He didn't make it to even one - twice thanks to the second World War, once due to an injury, and once courtesy Pankaj Gupta.

What state is called The State of Hockey?


Which state uses hockey the least?


Which of these U.S. state names comes from a Native American word meaning Great Lake?


What is the Minnesota state sport?

the minnesota state sport is hockey

What state was the first organized us floor hockey tournament held?

The first Us state the first us floor hockey tournament was held was Michigan in 1976.

Why is Minnesota the hockey state?

Minnesota has a long tradition of hockey, primarily because of the more than 10,000 lakes, combined with the cold weather climate. This produces the perfect setting for young Minnesotans when it comes to learning how to play hockey at an early age. Minnesota has more than 75,000 kids that play hockey, more than any other State in the country. It also has the largest High School Hockey tournament in the country. There are five Division 1 college hockey teams, and one professional hockey team. In 2009, the Minnesota State Legislature officially declared Minnesota as "The State of Hockey". The United States Hockey Hall of Fame is located in Eveleth, MN.

What is state sport for Michigan?


What is the state sport of Iowa?