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Los Angles Staples Center

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Q: The name of the home stadium of the la lakers?
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Do the LA lakers share a stadium with the LA clippers?


What is capacity of LA lakers stadium?

The Lakers play at Staples Center is it's capacity for a Lakers game is 18,997.

Why are the la lakers called the la lakers?

The LA Lakers are called the "Lakers" because they first originated from Minnesota (The Minneapolis Lakers). Minnesota is commonly known as "Land of 10,000 Lakes" which gives the team the name "Lakers"

Where can tickets for LA Lakers home games be purchased?

Tickets for home games with the LA Lakers could be purchased at a local arena or with a local ticket holder. But perhaps best, would be to order the tickets directly from the official LA Lakers website.

What is the average home attendance for the LA Lakers?

The average home game attendance for the LA Lakers during the 2007 - 2008 season was 18,997 fans (11th in the league).

How did Lakers get their name?

More accurately, the LA Lakers used to be in Minneapolis. One of the nicknames of the city of Minneapolis is the "City of Lakes" due to chain of parks and lakes within city limits. Thus the former team name the "Minneapolis Lakers" which converted easily to the "LA Lakers" when the team moved, since the name Lakers starts with "LA".

Which team had their name first la lakers or la clippers?

The lakers used to be in minnosota and moved to LA after the clippers had started. So the clippers are first

What is the name of the LA Lakers arena?

Staples Center

Why are the LA Lakers wearing home jerseys on the road?

they are representing their team.

Where do the LA Lakers play their home games?

The Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Who is going to win between LA Lakers and phoenix?

LA Lakers

What is the LA Lakers mascot?

The LA Lakers don't have an official mascot at this time.

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