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I have two people. Niel Watt or Neil Mears

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Dan Carter JONNY WILKINSON, DAVID STRETTLE, STEVE BORTHWICK. Ryan Jones, Shane Williams, James Hook, Alyn Wyn Jones, Steve Jones, Tavis Moyle!

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Jenkins obviously. He's a ledgend

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james boned tj

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Q: The name of a rugby player with the first name neil?
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What is the full name of a rugby league player with first name Neil?

Neil Fox who played for Wakefield Trinity.

Surname of rugby league player first name Neil surname has 4 letters?

I don't have the full answer but some of the letters are _O_E

Who was the first player to reach 1000 points in Test match rugby?

Neil Jenkins.

Rugby union player neil?

Lots of players called Neil have played Rugby Union. Neil Jenkins of Wales, Neil Francis of Ireland and Neil Back of England being among many others.

What is Neil Armstrong's first name?

His full name is Neil Alden Armstrong so his first name would be 'Neil'

When was Neil Cochrane - rugby union - born?

Neil Cochrane - rugby union - was born on 1984-01-04.

When was Neil McPherson - rugby union - born?

Neil McPherson - rugby union - was born on 1892-09-26.

When did Neil McPherson - rugby union - die?

Neil McPherson - rugby union - died on 1957-11-12.

When was Neil Clark - rugby union - born?

Neil Clark - rugby union - was born on 1981-10-08.

Is their a rugby league player named neil Lowe?

yes, scottish international who has played for a host of clubs including Doncaster,keighley,York.

Who was the first name on the moon?

Neil Armstrong

What is the name of the first on moon?

Neil Armstrong.