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Francesc Fabregas gets paid 270 million pounds a year for playing for Aresenal

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Q: The most richest football player in 2009 there total account?
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Who is the richest club in Australia?

In 2011, the richest football club in the Australian Football League was the team from Collingwood. They had a total revenue that year of over $75 million.

What is the total college football player in all?

about 680

Which football player has won the most trophies?

The football player that has won the most trophies is Ryan Giggs. He has won a total of 34 trophies.

What football player has the highest total transfer sales?

Joe webb

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What is the topps total football sticker code for any Chelsea player?

N.Aneka - 5667

The richest in Russia?

Russia's richest man is Oleg Deripaska with a total wealth of $26.6 billion dollars.

Who will be the wold best football player?

Lionel messi of course he had scored 43 goal of total

What pro football player holds the record for total touchdowns scored?

Brett Favre holds that record.

Who is the greatest football player in the universe?

The greatest football player ever to play ball is Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice played for the San Francisco 49ers and made a record of 208 total touchdowns.

If a football player positioned on the scrimmage line runs straight downfield for 26 yards and then cuts to his left for 6.0 yards to receive a pass what is the football player's total displacement?

It is 26.68 yards, approx.

Who is the most expensive English football player when you add up his total transfer fees?

Nicolas Anelka - Total transfer fees 85.3 million

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Total Football - video game - happened in 1995.

When was Total Football - video game - created?

Total Football - video game - was created in 1995.

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Lui Passaglia, placekicker/punter for The BC Lions from 1976-2000. He scored a total of 3,991 points, which is the record for most points by a player in any professional football league.

What was the total wealth of the richest people on the Titanic?

The combined wealth of the top ten richest passengers on Titanic would have been $163,400,000 in 1912 dollars..

What was the total wealth of richest people on the Titanic?

The combined wealth of the top ten richest passengers on Titanic would have been $163,400,000 in 1912 dollars..

How many total football dimples on a NFL football?


What is the richest country on earth?

America with a total GDP of about 15 trillion US dollars.

The richest person in the united sates?

Dalton egger with a total amount of money of $20

What is the total account debt as of the statement date called?

The total account debt as of the statement date is called the balance.

How does total football work?

generally every team has a set of defenders who are meant to defend, a set of mid-fielders who assist in attack as well as defence and strikers who are supposed to score goals. but in total football there isn't a fixed role for the player. the team attacks as a whole and defends as a whole. every player will be contributing to every department.

How many players in a football game'?

The football game is performed with 11 players in each team. Total 22 players possess the whole ground while playing.... Golden Goals is such a football portal, recording the hook & nook details of every football player of any team.

Which player has the highest number of total goals in a football season?

The highest number of goalsscored in a year is 42 by Christiano ronaldo at Manchester united.

What is The Difference between total debits and credits to an account called?

The Account balance.