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the average height of the players on the team is 68 inches.

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Q: The mode height of the players on a high school basketball team is 68 inches What does this tell you about the typical height of a player on this team?
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What is the Basketball ave height?

The average height of male basketball players is 6 feet and 3 inches, for females, 5 feet and 7 inches.

What is the average height of a 12-year-old basketball player?

Basketball players should be taller, so I would say about 63 inches.

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Typical height is 80 inches.

Average height of basketball player?

The average height of a basketball player is 6 feet 7.62 inches.

What is the height of NBA basketball goal in inches?

10ft which is 120 inches

What do they measure the height of a basketball player?

feet and inches

What is the height of a professional basketball ring in inches?

120 inches, or 10 foot

Can a basketball be 80 inches?

yeah. That height is perfect for basketball. You will be able to get chosen if you are really tall.

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They come in 30 and 36 inches.

The average height of players on the nba is 6 feet 7 inches Write this height in inches as a product of primes.?


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Typical height is 16 to 18 inches. Some as high as 20 inches. Generally matched to some degree with existing furniture height.

What is the height of a basketball rim customary and metric?

10 feet and 120 inches

What is the regulation height of a high school basketball hoop?

Height of H.S. basketball hoopsThere is no difference in the height of the hoop between high school, college, and pro basketball. They all use the same 10-foot height. Since a basketball is round, the height of the basketball would also be its diameter. The diameter of a basketball is around 9 inches since there are minor differences in the size of basketball used by organizations (FIBA, NBA, etc).According to the related link below, the maximum circumference of the ball used in FIBA competition is 30.7 inches (78 cm) and in NBA competition is 29 inches.

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Typically, doorknobs are 36 inches above the floor.

What is the regulation height of the basketball rim in grade school?


What is the standard size basketball backboard?

Size of a basketball backboardWidth: 6 feet (72 inches)Height: 3.5 feet (42 inches)you can also visit for more info about basketball

How big is the backboard on a basketball court?

Width: 6 feet (72 inches) Height: 3.5 feet (42 inches)

Size of basketball court?

Ten feet if your talking about the height. The diameter of the rim is eighteen inches.

What is the tallest female basketball player?

Małgorzata Dydek is the tallest female basketball player. She is 7 feet 2 inches in height and is from Poland.

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A typical Samsung 50 inch plasma TV has a width of 48 inches. It has a viewing screen diagonal of 50 inches. It typically 3 inches thick, and has a height of 30 inches.

How high is the backboard of a standard basketball hoop from the rim?

Width: 6 feet (72 inches) Height: 3.5 feet (42 inches)

Why did Kareem Abdul Jabbar wear goggles when he played basketball?

At 7-feet, 2-inches in height, he was so much taller than other NBA players that he often sustained accidental pokes in the eyes.

What are the typical tractor-trailer inside height?

100 to 110 inches is typical for a dry van, refrigerated van, or curtainside van trailer which is 13'6 high.

How high is the olympic basketball hoop height?

A regulation basketball hoop consists of a rim 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet high mounted to a backboard.