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Basically if you want to return a score, you keep going until the ball is holed, otherwise you will have a NR. But this is only for medal play. In stableford you can pick up after you are two shots over your set score (see below) unless you want to return a gross score.

But when the scores are tallied, only two over your set score counts. For example if you get no shot on one hole, say a par 4, if you make a 7 your score is reduced to 6. If you get a shot on a hole, say a par 4 and you make an 8 your score is reduced to a 7. If you get two shots on a hole, say a par 4 and you make a 9, your score is reduced to an 8.

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For men 28 and for women 36.

In Australia the current handicap maximum for men is 36 and for women 45 (August 2011)

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Q: The maximum score on a hole you can post for handicap purposes?
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How do you use your handicap when playing stableford rules?

Normally you would play stableford against your personal par, so you would alter par according to your handicap. So if you had a 25 handicap you would add 1 to par on the 11 easiest holes and add 2 on the 7 hardest holes.So a double bogey on the #1 handicap hole would score like a par and score two points, a par on the #18 handicap hole would score like a birdie and score three points, while a triple bogey on the same hole would score like a double and score zero.See Rule 32.

What is the highest handicap ladies can have?

As per USGA rules it is only a maximum of 24. And for Ladies it is 36.

What is net strokes in golf?

For a round of golf, the net score for a player is their gross score minus their handicap. The net score for one hole is the gross for the hole, minus the strokes allowed for the hole. The stroke index for the hole and the players handicap is used to determine how many strokes you get, and on which holes.

How do you score with 28 handicap?

On the stroke holes 1-10, you will be given two extra shots. On the stroke holes 11-18, you will be given one extra shot. This adds up to 28 extra shots, which is your handicap. Please note that stroke hole 1 does not mean the first hole. Stroke hole 1 means the hardest hole on the course, and it should say on your scorecard what the stroke for each hole is. If you want your net score, take your gross score and subtract 28.

What is a good handicap for a 18 hole golf course?

It depends how difficult the course is, and how good you are. Mens maximum is 28 and ladies 36.

What should a golf card have on it?

Spaces for, the date, competition title, tees used, sss, css, player a, player b, their handicaps the marker, hole numbers, hole names, hole lengths, score a, score b, points or hole won/ lost, gross score, handicap, nett score, a box for total points scored, a space for the marker to sign and a space for the player to sign.

How is your golf handicap applied by hole?

You get a shot on the holes as determined by the stroke index or handicap as set on the score card. So if your handicap is 9, you get one shot on each of the holes ranked 1-9 on the stroke index or handicap index. Using your handicap, you get a shot on the hardest holes 1 being the hardest and 18 being the easiest.

How man golf holes constitutes a coarse?

For competition and handicap purposes there must be 18 holes. If there is a nine hole course it must be played twice.

If handicap is over 36 how is that handled?

Simply you get two shots per hole, so a double bogey effectively becomes your par. Whatever your gross score is, you take away 36 and that is your nett score.

How many strokes do you stop at in a game of golf on 1 hole?

If you are playing in a strokeplay competition, unfortunately you keep going until you hole out. If you pick up, you have a non-return, and therefore cannot have a gross score. Keep in mind however, if you are on a par 4 and make a 10, say your handicap does not give you a shot on that hole, the score will count effectively as a 6, depending on how well the rest of your round went you could actually buffer or even get cut. If you are playing in a stableford competition, you have the option to pick up when you will get no point. But do not pick up, if you still want to return a gross score. You will get no points if you go one over your allowed score for the hole, your allowed score takes your handicap into account, so you need to know which holes you get shots on.

How does system double perrier work in golf scoring?

Guidelines on Handicap CalculationCompetition Format: The famous Japanese "Double Perrier" system to determine the winner.1. Select 12 holes for calculation of handicap. This may be done by a lottery after the play.2. Handicap (HD) is 36 or less and determined by the following equations:HD is the summation of the each selected 12 hole's handicap (HDeach) multiplied by the ratio of total sum of par of the course against the total par of the selected 12 holes and further multiplied by 0.9 (handicap ratio) or 36 whichever the small.i.e.,HD=MIN(0.9*(sum of HDeach *(sum of par of the course/sum of par of the selected 12 holes), 36)2.1 HDeachhandicap of each selected hole (HDeach) is Zero or (HDeach-calc) whichever the larger.i.e., HDeach=MAX ( HDeach-calc, 0 )This means HDeach is always 0 or more. If you hit eagle or birdie at the hole, you will get a advantage (never make handicap minus)2.2 HDeach-calcHDeach-calc is the par number of the hole or (the score of the hole minus the par number of the hole) whichever the smaller.HDeach-calc=MIN( par of the hole, (score -par of the hole) )This means HDeach-calc is always equal to or less than the par number of the hole. If you hit more than double of the par number at a hole, the part of your score more than double of the par number of the hole is not taken into account the handicap and disadvantage of you. Do not hit too much.3. Advantages of winnersFor honor of the winners, in addition to the calculation as described in paragraph 2 above;The handicap of the winner of the last session is HD-3, andThe handicap of the winners of the past sessions is HD-2.

What hole does a plus handicap give up a stroke?

They give up strokes on the easiest holes, that is, the hole ranked the highest i.e 18, then 17, then 16 on the handicap or stroke index.