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yes. If you carefully look at the question, you will note that the weight of the objects in question is irrelevant. The questions refers to the weight of one ton. If you took a balance and put one ton on one side and one ton on the other, the balance would level itself because both sides are equal. There fore ONE TON of Bowling balls = ONE TON of feathers. The number of each would not be equal, but the weight is the same.

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Q: The mass of one ton of bowling balls is equal to the mass of one ton of feathers.?
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Is a ton of feathers the same mass as a ton of bowling balls?

Same weight different volume

Which would be greaterthe gravitational force between two feathers or two bowling balls assuming the distance between them is equal?

At the same distance, objects with more mass will have a greater gravitational attraction.

Does two bowling balls one meter away have a stronger gravitational pull thn two ping pong balls one meter apart?

Yes. Gravitational pull is based on mass. And since the bowling balls have greater mass than the ping pong balls then the gravitational pull would be greater.

Is the mass of one pound of lead greater than less than or equal to the mass of one pound of feathers?

The mass of feathers is far greater than the lead. amount = mass So you will have a huge pile of feathers compared to a small chunk of lead to equal a pound

Which is heavier in mass 1000 kg of feathers or 1000 kg of rocks?

Both objects has equal mass

If soccer ball and a bowling ball are about the same size why does the bowling ball have more mass?

A soccer ball is hollow and filled with air, which has little density. A bowling ball is solid material of a much greater density. * Because bowling balls have a standard size, about 21.8 cm in diameter, bowling balls weighing less than 5.4 kg (12 lb) will float in water.

Is a pound of feathers lighter than a pound of bricks?

No. They are equal mass as they both weighed a pound.

Which has a greater mass a ton of lead or a ton of feathers?

Something that weighs a ton is equal to other things that weigh a ton, therefore a ton of anything is equal to a ton of anything else. Even if it's feathers versus lead or cotton versus cement.

Why is it easier to move a ping pong ball than a bowling ball?

Tennis balls are lighter than cricket balls. Therefore less mass. If a tennis ball travels at the same speed its momentum (mass x velocity) is lower. Therefore less momentum an easier to stop. Short answer, less mass and same speed means less momentum

Which will require a greater force to move bowling ball or a baseball?

A bowling ball. An official NBA basketball weighs 22 ounces, which is less than two pounds. The bowling balls little kids play with weigh 6 to 8 pounds, and adults play with balls weighing from 12 to 16 pounds.

What is the density of a 200 g mass bowling ball?

Ten-pin bowling balls usually weigh from about 6 pounds (around 2800 grams) to 16 pounds (about 7200 grams) There are no bowling balls that weigh 200 grams (though such a ball would be leagal as there is no minimum weight) but if there were, the mass of the ball divided by the volume of the ball gives the density. The volume of a standard bowling ball is about 5500 cubic centimeters (I assumed a circumference of 27 inches and calculated from that) 200 / 5500 = 0.036 g/cm3 Compare to the density of air = 0,0012 g/cm3

Why dont equal masses of golf balls and ping-pong balls contain the same number of balls?

Because it takes more ping-pong balls to contribute any unit of mass than the number of golf balls required to contribute the same mass. This stems from the fact that one golf ball has more mass than one ping-pong ball.