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Q: The last time University of Maryland won the ncaa torunament?
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What is university of Maryland nickname?


How many NCAA National Football Championships does the University of Maryland have?

Maryland has claimed 1 national title in 1953 with the AP & Coaches polls

Who beat the university of Tennessee in the 1980 ncaa basketball tournament?

2 seed Maryland in round of 32

What NCAA Division 1 school has four official colors?

The University of Maryland (red, white, black and gold).

What year did Indiana University most recently play in the NCAA championship game?

As of the 2008 season, the last time Indiana was in the championship game was the 2002 March Madness. They lost to Maryland 64-52.

Who has most NCAA basketball wins in the last 50 years?

University Of Kentucky

What are the Maryland basketball teams?

The University of Maryland Terrapins are Maryland's only NCAA basketball team. The Terrapins are a men's college level basketball team, and are currently ranked among the top 25 teams nationwide.

When was the last time university of North Carolina didn't make the ncaa tournament?


When was the last time the university of Kentucky made the NCAA Final 4?

1998 unfortunately

What acc teams are in the NCAA?

Duke University, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, Wake Forest University, University of Miami, Florida State University, Georgia Tech , Clemson University, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Boston College, University of Maryland

Which NCAA college basketball teams have most wins compared with last year?

indiana university

When is the last time Indiana Hoosiers mens basketball team made it to the NCAA championship?

The last time the Indiana Hoosiers Men's Basketball team went to the NCAA Championship game was in 2002, where they lost to Maryland by a score of 64-52.