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springfild collage, MA

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Q: The inventor of basketball was a professor at what college when he was asked to invent the sport of basketball?
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The inventor of basketball was a professor at what college when he was asked to invent the sport basketball?

springfild collage, MA

The inventor of basketball was a professor a at what collega when heshe was ask to invent the sport basketball?

The inventor was James Naismith and he was the Physical education teacher at the International Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts (currently Springfield College). He invented Basketball to keep athletes in shape during the winter.

Who is James Naismith?

He Is the inventor of Basketball. He also had to invent a winter sport to play at school. He went to the college Springfield Massachusetts. He was born Nov 6 year 1861 and died on Nov 28 year 1939.

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Did china invent basketball?

No it was James Naismith who is Canadian and American.(He was born in Almonte,Ontario,Canada and he teached college basketball in in Springfield.)

How did James Naismith invent basketball?

a hoop and a ball shoot that ball when he seen it he want to be a inventor in springfeild ,massachetts in usa on the year of 1891

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