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The history of soccer is too long to describe. A couple words to describe it? Amazingly remarkable. It still is at the "amazingly remarkable" level of history today.

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Q: The history of soccer and where it is now?
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Who was the first pofesional team in the history of soccer and how many players were there?

we all now that it was Alexander ovechkin that team it was

What is the history of soccer?

There were many variations of soccer played as far back as 2,005 B.C. by the Chinese, Japaese, the English and many more. Soccer most likely started between the Aztecs and the Egyptians.the history for soccer is very important because in the old days a lot of people played soccer and now there are professionals in the world.A fair article on Football (soccer) including a moderately chronological history can be found at Wikipedia. A link is provided.

Who was the highest goal scorer in soccer history?

Pele is the highest goal scorer in soccer history.

What is the best soccer team in the history?

Well it depends on which year. In the olden days, Liverpool was the best, but now the Manchesters.

What is the history of soccer in the US?

The history of us soccer is fairly bad. we have not won a championship but we have good players.

What is the history of soccer in Brazil?

Pele played in the seventies. That's huge on Brazil Soccer History (BSH)

Where do you find the history of soccer?

go to the library (i know that sounds boring) but its good info. you could also just put in "soccer history" or "history of soccer" on google (without the quotes).

What is the difference between soccer in the 1940s and soccer of now?

Soccer in the 1940s was Bord but now thre's more fun. "And better soccer balls".

What has the author Geoffrey Green written?

Geoffrey. Green has written: 'Soccer in the fifties' -- subject(s): History, Soccer 'Great moments in sport: soccer' -- subject(s): History, Soccer 'There's only one United' -- subject(s): History, Manchester United (Soccer team)

What is some history on soccer?

Years ago before soccer was invented people used to kick around peoples heads. Now instead of human heads we use a ball to kick

What is the first soccer club in history of soccer?

Sheffield FC founded in 1857

How long was a soccer field when soccer started?

not as big as it is now

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