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The Highest Scoring Game In Major League Baseball Series History Was On August 25, 1922, Between The Chicago Cubs And The Philadelphia Phillies. The Score Was 26 To 23. The Total Number Of Runs Was 49 Runs.

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Q: The highest scoring game on one team in baseball history?
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Highest scoring college baseball game?

The highest score collage baseball game is 23 26

What the highest scoring baseball game?


What was the highest scoring baseball game?

the highest scoring baseball game was recorded on June 8th, 1995. The game was in Chicago it was the Chicago cubs and the Philidelphia Phillies the score was 27 to 25 in the 2oth Inning.

What was the second highest scoring baseball game ever?

The second highest scoring baseball game ever was the Chicago/Philadelphia on August 25, 1922 with a final score of 26-23.

What are the top scoring games in NFL football history?

1 highest scoring game Washington Redskins beat New york Giants 41-72 2 highest scoring game Bengals beat Browns 58-48

Highest scoring baseball game?

it was actually i dont look on google

What is the highest scoring New England Patriots game in franchise history?

The patriots highest scoring game occured on Sunday October 18, 2009. The Patriots defeated the titans with a score of 59-0.

What was the highesht scoring game in NFL history?

The highest scoring game in NFL history combined was on November 27, 1966 when the Washington Redskins defeated the New York Giants 72-41 for a total of 113. The highest scoring game in NFL history for one team would be 73, when the Chicago Bears defeated the Washington Redskins 73-0 on December 8, 1940 in the NFL Championship Game.

What is the highest scoring basketball game in NBA history?

186 pts by the Detroit pistons

What was the highest scoring football game in college history?

Georgia Tech 222 Cumberland 0

What is the highest scoring Buffalo Bills game in franchise history?

51 3 over the raiders

What are the top ten highest scoring games in NFL history?

1st Highest scoring game- Washington Redskins 72 New York Giants 41 (113 Combined Points) the game was on November 27, 1966. 2nd highest scoring game- Cincinnatti Bengals 58 Cleveland Browns 48 (106 Combined Points). The game was on November 28, 2004. 7th Highest scoring game- Chicago Cardinals 63 New York Giants 35 (98 Combined Points). The game was on October 17, 1948 8th highest scoring game- Cleveland Browns 51 Cincinatti Bengals 45 (96 Combined Points). The game was on September 16, 2007

Lebron James highest scoring game basketball game?

His highest scoring game is 56. It happened during the 2004-2005 season

What is the highest baseball score by a team?

The highest scoring game is 26-23 Chicago vs. Philadelphia on August 25, 1922.

What are some of the highest scoring basketball games in history?

a 100 point game by wilt chamberlin and and 81 point game by kobe bryant

What is the highest scoring regulation time NBA game?

The highest scoring NBA game was playing in Denver, Colorado at McNichols arena. The Denver Nuggets lost at home to the Detroit Pistons 186-184.

What is Kobe bryants highest scoring game?

Kobe highest scoring game was 81 points, watch the video on youtube in 3 minutes.

Who had the highest scoring game in nba history?

Wilt Chamberlin got 100 points in one game, that i believe is the most ever by one player

What is the highest scoring MLB baseball game?

the Cubs beat the Phillies 26-23 on Aug. 25, 1922.

Highest score MLB?

The highest scoring game in Major League Baseball history was played between the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies in 1922. The two teams combined for 49 runs with the Cubs beating the Phillies by a score of 26-23.

Highest scoring basketball game?

The highest scoring basketball game of all time was a game between the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets. The winning score was 370 points.

What was the highest scoring rugby game?

Highest scoring international game was October 27th, 1994. Hong Kong 164 - 13 Singapore. Total 177 points.

What is the highest scoring Texas Rangers baseball game?

The highest number of runs the Texas Rangers have ever scored is 30, at the Baltimore Orioles on August 22, 2007.

Highest scoring football game?


What is the lakers highest scoring game?