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Gary Williams

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Q: The head basketball coach at the University of Maryland is?
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Who is the head coach of football at University of Maryland?

Randy Edsall

What does Michelle Obama's brother do today?

Craig is the mens' basketball coach at Oregon State University.

Who is head mens basketball coach at Oakland university?

Greg Kampe

What is the tar heels coach name?

University of North Carolina's head basketball coach is Roy Williams.

Who is the current head basketball coach at Washington state university?

Ken Bone

Who is John Caliparie?

John Calipari is the University of Kentucky's head basketball coach.

Who has the most wins as head coach at the University of Kentucky men's basketball?

Adolf Rupp.

Who is Jim Crew?

Jim Crews is the head basketball coach for the Saint Louis University men's team. He has been the head coach since 2012.

Who is the head basketball coach for Syracuse?

Currently Scott Shafer holds the position of head coach at Syracuse University. Other members of his coaching staff include Clark Lea (linebacker coach), Tim Lester (quarterback coach) and George McDonald (associate head coach).

Who is the Men's Basketball for the University of Southern California?

The current head coach of the USC men's basketball team in Tim Floyd.

When did John Calipari start coaching mens basketball for the University of Kentucky?

Head basketball coach for the men's basketball team at the University of Kentucky is John Calipari. He was hired in 2009 for this position.

Who does Andy Landers currently coach?

Andy Landers is a head coach of the basketball team, the University of Georgia Lady Bulldogs. Landers has been inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.