The great kahli age

Updated: 10/25/2022
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The Great Khali is 39 years old.

As of 2011.

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Q: The great kahli age
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Is the Great Kahli married?

No, the "Great Kahli" is not married, he is however the ponjabi playboy. The great kahli is currently single.

Is giant gonzales the great kahli?

Considering Giant Gonazles is from Mexico and Kahli is from India no

What happend to great kahli?

Kane knoked him out with a chair then put kahli^s foot on the steps then used a step on kahli^s foot

Do the Great Kahli talk like that for real?


What is great kahli real name?

mcvagee botanojo

How tall is the great kahli?

Height: 7'1'' Billed Height: 7'3'' Weight: 420

Why doesn't the Great Kahli wrestle as much as other superstars?

Because he was injured and had a break

What is the WWE SVR 2007 tester challenge?

Mickie James vs The Great Kahli

What is the great kahli's real name?

Dalip Singh Rana born August 27, 1972

Who plays sasquach in the jack links beef jerky tv commercials?

A wrestler named "The Great Kahli"

Is kahli dead?


How do you pronounce kalyan?

Kalyan is pronounced as "kuh-ly-uhn."