The flags in soccer

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they help show whether the ball went out for a corner kick or throw in

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Q: The flags in soccer
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How many flags are on a soccer field?

there are 4 flags on a soccer field; one in every corner.

What countries have red and blue flags and play soccer?


Which of the 2010 soccer world cup flags have no white in them?

Cameroon, Germany, Ghana & ?

What is the size of the cloth on the soccer flag?

The only official flags associated with soccer are the four corner flags. The Laws of the Game (LOTG), specifically Law 1, do not prescribe a specific size for the cloth on the flags. The corner flag poles must be at least 1.5m (5 ft) tall with a non-pointed top.

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well there are 300 flags in each country but counting the states flags it will be arond 3000 flags

What is a foul in soccer?

A foul in soccer is when you slide tackle, grab, pull on another players jersey, or hit another player. It can also be when you bad mouth a player, coach, or referee. These can also become yellow or red flags if taken too far.

What equipment do you need for high school soccer?

Shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, and shinguards. The school itself needs a field, goals, lines, corner flags, and balls.

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