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  1. home plate to the mound would be 18.47 meters ...
  2. first - second would be 27.43 meters ...
  3. center field would be 125.88 meters ...
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Q: The dimensions on a baseball field are as follows pitchers mound to home plate 60.6 ft first base to second base 90 ft and home plate to center field fence 413 ft Calculate SI equivalent in meters?
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What do kids learn before they learn to read baseball cards?

They look at the pitchers

What is the size of a baseball diamond?

The dimensions of a major league baseball diamond are 90 feet from base to base. The distance from home plate to the pitchers mound is 60 feet and 6 inches.

What is a 65 mph softball equal to in baseball?

Softball pitchers pitch from 43 feet, while baseball pitchers pitch from 60.5 feet. Therefore, A 65 mph softball pitch is equivalent to a 91 mph baseball pitch. Each reaction time is approx .45 seconds.

What are the dimensions of a little league baseball field?

The bases are 60' apart and the distance from the pitching rubber to home plate is 46'. The pitchers mound is a 12' diameter circle.

Who is the patron saint of baseball pitchers?

There is no patron saint of baseball pitchers. St. Sebastian is the patron saint of all sports.

Why do baseball pitchers wear there socks so high?

Not all pitchers wear baseball sick high. Most of the pitchers wear thier socks low aor baggy. The hitters in baseball wear the high socks more than the pitchers. There are 4 kinds of baseball socks types. There are low, baggy, high, and high stirrup.

How do you calculate a pitchers era if he gets no one out?

his era does not exist.

What baseball stats does Siera calculate?

SIERA stands for the Skill Interactive Earned Run Average. It is used to caculate the statistics of baseball pitchers. It gives an estimate of the ERA bby calculating the walk, strike out, and ground ball rate.

What is a thesis statement for baseball in general?

thesis statement for baseball pitchers

What are the differences in the sports baseball and softball?

Softball has girls playing. Baseball has boys playing. The softball is 2 as big as a baseball. Girl Pitchers pitch underarm boy pitchers pitch over hand.

How many pitchers in a baseball team?

Generally there are 12 pitchers on the 40 man roster for a major league team.

Where the pitcher stands in baseball?

pitchers mound

Distance between pitchers mound and home plate in minor league baseball?

Both Major League Baseball and their Minor League Teams (A, AA, AAA) play on fields of the same dimensions. So it is 60' 6" from the front of the pitcher's plate to the back tip of home plate.

How many starting pitchers are on a major league baseball team?

Five pitchers are used in a starting rotation for baseball teams. Sometimes in the post-season teams will use a rotation consisting of their best three or four pitchers only, to maximize their chances of winning a series.

What are a baseball teams best pitchers called?


What does the h mean in baseball pitchers stats?


What is the Pitchers warm up area for baseball?

The Bullpen

Why do baseball pitchers run after a game?

to feel better

Can a baseball skipper step on the pitchers mound?


How far is it from the pitchers mound to home plate in baseball in 7-8 baseball?


How far is the pitchers mound from home plate in professional baseball?

the distance from the pitchers mound to home plate is 60 feet 6 inches.

What is the base that baseball runner must touch?

The pitchers mound

How many pitchers have thrown no hitters in baseball history?


What is another name for pitchers plate in baseball?

Pitching rubber.

Pitchers mound measurements for little league baseball?