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Q: The country that includes the source of the Rio Coco?
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The Rio coco divides Honduras and what country?

Rio Coco divides Honduras and Nicaragua.

Why do all Honduran rivers have rio infront of them?

Rio is the Spanish word for river. So when a river is named "Rio Coco," for example, the English translation would be "Coco River."

What is the name of the South American country that includes Rio D e Janeiro?


What country is Rio de Janeiro?

Rio De Janeiro is in a country in Brazil.

When was Rio Bravo Country Club created?

Rio Bravo Country Club was created in 1975.

What is the capital of Rio?

Rio is not a country, it is a city and therefore it has no capital.

Is Rio Grande a country or a river?

The Rio Grande is a river.

What country is Rio Grande in?

The Rio Grande is in both Mexico and The USA.

Which country is not part of the Rio Pact?

Cuba is not part of the Rio Pact.

What is the most famous canal in Central America?

The longest river in Central America is the Río Coco. The Rio Coco is 750 kilometers long and forms the border of Honduras and Nicaragua.

What is the country of Rio de Janeiro?

Rio is a well known city in Brazil

What is the country of rio de janerio?

Rio de Janerio iz in Brazil. :)