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no it is considered a dead ball

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Q: The cather throws a passed ball or wild pitch and the ball hits the umpire does the run count?
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Does the run count in a school game where the catcher throws the ball back to the pitcher he misses it the umpire picks it up and tosses it back to the pitcher while the runner on third steals home?

If the umpire picked it up the run should not count because the umpire had probably called a timeout before he picked it up. If not the run should not count anyway because it is interference on the umpires part.

If a batter throws the bat after being warned is he out and does a run scored on that play count when there are already two outs?

There is no rule that addresses a batter throwing the bat. It's a safety issue that the umpire must use his judgment on.

When a pitcher throws to a base to keep a runner from stealing are those throws added to his total game pitch count?

No, only pitches to home plate count towards the pitch count.

Does it count as a hit when the right fielder throws the runner out at first?


If the umpire's count on the batter is 2-1 how many strikes are on the batter?

There is one strike on the batter if the count is 2-1 That is something that shouldn't really be asked online that is obvious

When do interceptions count?

when someone from the other team catches a ball your team throws

Do Cal Ripken leagues use a pitch count?

Cal Ripken uses an innings count instead of pitch count. If a pitcher throws even one pitch, it counts as a whole inning.

What does a full count mean when said by the empire in softball?

When an umpire calls a full count, that means the batter has 3 balls and 2 strikes. A full count (3-2) is the highest number of balls and strikes a batter can get before he is either awarded a base (on balls) or is out (on strikes).

A batter hits a home run and the umpire discovers 8 players on the field does the run count?

Yes it doesn't matter because the problem was on the other team.

What are baseball player Count Campau's physical stats?

Count Campau is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs 160 pounds. He bats left and throws right.

Bases loaded runner from third misses home is he out on appeal?

Anytime a runner misses a base and an appeal is made he would be called out if the umpire saw it. Suppose only 1 runner crossed the plate, if the ball was thrown home and the catcher stepped on the plate the umpire would call him out (even if the runner is halfway back to the dugout), if multiple runners cross the plate, then and a ball is thrown home in play, the umpire will only make the "safe/out" call of the last runner to cross, or the play at the plate. In this case you would need to go through an official appeal process (ball to the pitcher on the mound, steps off the mound, throws home, catcher steps on the plate) --- The umpire will know what you are doing and if he saw it the same way, will call the runner that "missed home" out ---- If this would have been the 3rd out, his run and any runners that crossed home after him will not count

Does a catcher interfernce count when umpire calls it but man does not walk to first base only after a second pitch was thrown little League?

The interference should have been enforced when called.