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Gragson says 3900 torr.

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Q: The air pressure in a volleyball is 75 psi What is this pressure in torr?
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What is the pressure in torr at 213 psi?

11,012 torr

Convert 752 torr to psi?

To convert from torr to psi, divide by 51.715. Therefore, 752 torr is approximately 14.55 psi when rounded to two decimal places.

1 Torr is equal to how many psi?

1 Torr is equal to approximately 0.0193367 psi.

How many Torr is 102.872 psi?

To convert psi to Torr, you can use the conversion factor: 1 psi is approximately equal to 51.715 Torr. Therefore, to convert 102.872 psi to Torr, you would multiply by this conversion factor to get approximately 5332.73 Torr.

What is the meserment for air pressure?

The SI unit of pressure is the pascal. 1 pascal is rather small, so normal atmospheric pressure on Earth is about 100 kilopascal.However, any pressure units can be used; some that have been are psi (pounds per square inch), bar (defined so that average air pressure = 1 bar), inches (or millimeters) of mercury (the pressure exerted by a column of liquid mercury of that height)or torr (1 torr = 1 mmHg);.

Water pressure can be measured in PSI is ther any other way?

Yes, there are many ways to measure pressure. * pascal (Pa) * bar * technical atmosphere (at) * atmosphere (atm) * torr (Torr) * pound-force per square inch (psi) * psia (pounds-force per square inch absolute) --- gauge pressure plus local atmospheric pressure. * psid (psi difference) --- difference between two pressures. * psig (pounds-force per square inch gauge). * psivg (psi vented gauge) --- difference between the measuring point and the local pressure. * psisg (psi sealed gauge) --- difference between a chamber of air sealed at atmospheric pressure and the pressure at the measuring point. Check out the links for MUCH more information.

Is 200 psi of air the same as 200 psi of water?

No, 200 psi of air is not the same as 200 psi of water. This is because water is denser than air, so the pressure exerted by water at 200 psi would be greater than that of air at the same pressure.

How much air pressure equals 120 psi of water?

Pressure doesn't change when you change substance, 120 PSI in water equals 120 PSI in air.

What is the standard value for air pressure?

The 'standard' air pressure is 14 psi.

What do you mesure air pressure in?

The SI unit is pascals (Pa), but it can also be measured in psi, torr, bar, atm, and mmHg. There are also many others as can be seen in this online converter:

What is the measurement of pressure?

pascal (Pa) bar (bar) technical atmosphere (at) atmosphere (atm) torr (Torr) pound-force per square inch (psi) - still in widespread use in the US and Canada, notably for cars.

What psi is considered a high pressure pneumatic system?

factory air pressure norm is 80 psi