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Q: The Yankees wore blue uniform. What colour uniforms did the Rebels where?
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What camoufloge gear do the United States army rangers wear?

They tend to use the Multi Cam uniforms, rather than the ACU uniforms. They may also opt to wear the older three colour Desert Combat Uniform or woodland Battle Dress Uniform as it suits their mission.

Why school uniform is white in colors?

Its a standard colour used to represent uniforms. Like how everything in the present wold has common colours and symbols to identify certain things, having white coloured uniforms are commonly accepted around the world.

Do Afghan and US troops wear the same uniform?

Afghans typically use the US M81 woodland and three colour DCU uniforms. While most US military branches have phased these uniforms out, some units still continue to use them.

Why ar soilders called redcoats?

Because of their bright red uniform. The reason they wore red originated in the English Civil War, when the parliamentarians needed a cheap colour in which to dye their uniforms.

What is the colour of the army uniforms?

Depends on which army, and which uniform you have in mind. The current US Army Class A uniforms are blue, with the blouse being a dark blue, and the trousers being much lighter, while officers wear a gold stripe down the sides of the trousers. The ACU (Army Combat Uniform) is various shades of green, tan, and grey.

How many possible sets of uniform can be made out of a seven color combination?

It depends on other restrictions placed on the problem, the main one of which is how many colours you can have on one uniform and their arrangements. Assuming each uniform is one colour, the problem is trivial. There are 7, one uniform in each colour. If each is split into a shirt and trousers, there are then 49 combinations, each one with a different combination. This can clearly be extended allowing infinitely many coloured patches, giving rise to infinitely many different uniforms. If however you place the restriction that no uniform may contain the same colour more than once, there are nPr uniforms, where n is the number of colours available (7) and r is the number on each uniform. The greatest number of uniforms under this system is obtained with either 6 or 7 coloured patches, for 5040 different uniforms. Another restriction would be that you consider a uniform with, for example, red trousers and a blue shirt, to be the same as one with blue trousers and a red shirt and still disallow double colours. In which case there are only nCr uniforms, or a maximum of 35, from 4 different patches. In short there are arbitrarily many restrictions that could be placed on the uniforms' designs, so any number of possible uniforms could be selected (in theory) by setting the right restraints. Thankyou for your question, it was quite an interesting distraction and helped me to remember some statistics maths that I've haven't used for a few years. If you were looking for a useful answer though, I apologise for not providing one.

What colour is heath fields uniforms?


When are white uniforms worn in the military?

White is traditionally the colour of Navies. Usually Navy dress uniforms. Most navies around the world have a white hat as part of the dress uniforms. In America because of the close tie between the Marine Corps and Navy the Marines also wear a white hat and sometimes white pants with their dress uniform.

Why don't school uniforms have color?

School Uniforms do have colour, even if they are blcak or grey or white, they are colours.

What is the colour of the UK nursing uniform?

There is no standard color for nurse uniforms in the United Kingdom.Typically the senior nurses wear navy blue, the staff nurses wear a lighter blue and student nurses wear white.

Where can you get school uniforms?

JCPenny, Children's Place and Target all sell school uniforms for relatively cheap prices. However, some schools require that their uniforms be purchased from a particular store, such as Educational Outfitters.

Who invented first school uniforms?

the first person who made the uniform was Shanay Monvill and Jamaca. School uniforms in England were first introduced during the reign of King Henry VIII. In that time they used to wear a long trench coat style jackets dyed blue. Blue was the cheapest available colour and showed respect among all the children. The first school to introduce this uniform was ' Christ's Hospital'. The first person who made the school uniform was Shanay Monvill and Jamaca.