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Randolph Scott

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Q: The Raiders' logo was modeled after which Western movie star?
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Who is the nbdl logo modeled after?

Antwan Jamison

When did the Raiders put Randolph Scott's face in their logo?


Major League Baseball logo modeled after anyone?

It was patterned after Harmon Killebrew but not copied from him.

What kind of shirt is the one ice cube Where is in Friday?

The shirt that Ice Cube wears in the movie "Friday" is a black Los Angeles Raiders football jersey with the number 24 and the name "Rozier" on the back. The Raiders logo is also prominently displayed on the jersey.

On who's face is the Oakland Raiders logo based?

Randolph Scott. He was an actor. Terry

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Is the Oakland Raiders logo a registered NFL logo?

A team's name, uniform, and logo are registered trademarks of the team itself. The NFL, obviously, must give their approval to the logo. In the case of the Houston Texans, the most recent expansion team, the NFL actively participated with owner Robert McNair in the design and creation of their logo.

What internet movie database has a logo of a gold rectangle? is what you're looking for. It is an internet movie database that has a logo of a gold rectangle.

Is Oakland raider helmet logo with eye patch a real person?

It is believed that the "Pirate" depicted on the Raiders' logo is actor Randolph Scott. I do not know why he was chosen. After comparison, the pirate looks like the actor Scott.

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