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The Eagles and Steelers combined teams in 1943. The NFL record book refers to the team as Phil-Pitt. The team was nicknamed the "Steagles".

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Q: The Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers combined in the 1940s to combine one team what was that teams name?
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Did the Pittsburgh Steelers and Eagels combine during World War 2?

Yes they combined to form a team called the Steagles. The Steelers also combined with the Chicago Cardinals during that time period. In 1943 the Steelers and Eagles combined to play as the Steagles. They split playing home games between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Their record was 5-4-1. The following season (1944), the Eagles went back to playing as the Eagles and the Steelers combined with the Chicago Cardinals to play as Card-Pitt and were known by the nickname Carpets. Their record was 0-10. Both teams went back to playing seperately in the 1945 season. These 'mergers' were due to World War II and the number of players the teams lost due to the War.

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