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it is 1 of the most important lots of people watch it it is one of the most popular

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Q: The Olympics Games are the most important event in sports?
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What is event attraction?

event attractions,include congresses.exhibitions,festivas, such as the anti-festival,and sports events such as olympics games.

What is Event attractions?

event attractions,include congresses.exhibitions,festivas, such as the anti-festival,and sports events such as Olympics games.

Why is the Olympics such an important event in sports?

It is a chance to compete against the best athletes from around the world,

When was volleyball brought into the Olympics?

Volleyball was brought to the Summer Olympics in 1964 at the Tokyo Games, where it was played as an American sports demonstration event.

Which Sports has not been an event at the Summer Olympics?

There are many, many sports that have not been events in the Olympics

Did Greeks found the sports event of the Olympics?


What famous games are not played in the Olympics?

Golf, for example, is not an Olympic event. Originally they used Live pigeons for the shooting competition ! There are many games & sports which do not feature in the Olympics, Cricket is another...

How did Greece influence sports today?

They invented the Olympics which is the biggest sports event in the world!

In the Beijing games 2008 what happens in the event luge?

luge is a winter Olympics event, the Beijing Olympics were the summer Olympics

What is the last sports event taking place in the 2008 Winter Olympics?

There were no Winter Olympics in 2008.

What new event was played in the 2000 Olympics?

The new sports added to the olympic program for the Sydney 2000 games were the triathalon and taekwondo.

How many sports will be in the 2014 Olympics?

If you mean the Sochi Winter Olympics then it's 98 events in 7 sports or 15 disciplines. The event lasts from the 7th to the 23rd of February and an expected 2,800+ athletes will compete in the games.

How many sports event in 2012 Olympics?

26 sports and 39 disciplines for the 302 events

What is a sport that has sp in it?

There is no sport with sp in it. But there is a sports event, The Special Olympics.

Which of these sports was not a competitive event at the 2000 Summer Olympics?

Dodge Ball

Why were the Olympics such an important event for the Greeks?

they were the ones who started it

What was the most important sporting event in Greece?


What was one of Greece's most important event?

i think that one of greeces most important event was the olympics

Important sports event in 2000-2009?


Which event was dropped from the Olympics in 1920?

Tug-of-war was dropped from the Olympics after the 1920 games.

Why is the Olympics important to the world?

The Olympics are important to the world because, they are an event that brings peace to five entire continents.

What was the event held at the earliest ancient Olympics games?

The earliest known event was the footrace.

What is the longest event in time and distance in the Olympic games?

the longest event in the olympics is the marathon

What was the only event held at the earliest Olympics games?


Is netball in the Beijing Olympics?

No, netball is not an event at the Games in Beijing.