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Q: The New Orleans Hornets play most of their home games in which city?
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What is the New Orleans hornets arena?

It's an arena where The Hornets play their home games.

What city did the New Orleans Saints play in after Hurricane Katrina?

The Hornets played 36 home games in Oklahoma City in the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons due to the damage caused by Katrina. They were officially known as the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets.* (Beginning with the 2013 season, the team was officially renamed the New Orleans Pelicans.)

What is the average home attendance for the New Orleans Hornets?

The average home game attendance for the New Orleans Hornets during the 2007 - 2008 season was 14,181 fans (26th in the league).

What is the meaning of NOLA as the logo of the new uniform of New Orleans Hornets?

NOLA = New Orleans LouisianaIt is a common initialism used for the city. It differentiated the uniforms from the ones used in Charlotte, the original home of the team. Charlotte renamed its Bobcats the Hornets when the New Orleans team was renamed the Pelicans in 2013.

Is there a basketball team for louisisana?

Yes, the New Orleans Hornets play their home games at the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. They are led by all-stars Chris Paul and Delonte West and are considered one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference. One interesting fact about the team is that its only been in Louisiana for a few years. The team used to be the Charlotte Hornets, but moved to New Orleans in 2002.

What NBA team has the best arena?

TCF Bank Stadium is the smallest based on seating capacity which holds 50,805 people.

Which city in the USA is the home of jazz?

New Orleans.

Which city is home to the festival known as mardi gras?

New Orleans

What smells do hornets dislike?

Hornets are sensitive to smells. Smells that hornets dislike and can be used to help the presence of hornets around your home include Pyrethrin or smoke.

What city is the home of the preservation hall jazz band?

New Orleans, Louisiana

Which city is home to an NFL team is nicknamed the Big Easy?

Tha would be New Orleans, home of the Saints.

Where does man city play there home games?

man city play their home games at city of Manchester stadium or eastlands in Manchester