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The Toronto Maple Leafs still have a chance, stats wise everyone has a chance, but the Leafs will have to win 7-8 of there last 10 games to make it.

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Q: The Maple Leaf's will make the playoffs this year?
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Did The Maple Leafs make the playoffs this year?

No, they did not. (2011)

When will Toronto Maple Leafs go to playoffs?

The Toronto Maple Leafs ended a 8 year drought by making the playoffs in the 2013 season. They were eliminated in the first round in overtime of game 7 by the Boston Bruins.

What year were the Toronto Maple Leafs created?


What year did the Toronto Maple Leafs get their name?

Conn Smythe purchased the Toronto St. Patricks in 1927 and renamed the team as the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Did Toronto Maple Leafs reach hockey finals this year?

no they did not make it to the finals, however they made it to the play off.

From year 2008 how many times has the Toronto maple leafs won the Stanley cup?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have not won a Stanley Cup since 1967.

Who is the team captain this year for Toronto maple leafs?

Dion Phaneuf

Are the Toronto Maple Leafs going to win the Stanley Cup this year?

2013: No, the Toronto Maple Leafs were eliminated in the first round in 7 games by the Boston Bruins.

What was the last year Toronto maple leafs were 1st in the league?


Do maple trees stay green year round?

Maple trees do not stay green all year. Maple trees are deciduous. Maple leafs change colors in fall and then fall in winter.

What player played for Toronto Maple Leafs only?

Center George Armstrong spent his entire 21 year career with the Maple Leafs. He was the Captain of the team for 11 years which is a franchise record. He finished his career with 296 goals and 417 assists for 713 career points. Goalie Turk Broda spent his entire 14 year career with the Maple Leafs (1936-1952). Right Wing Ron Ellis spent his entire 16 year career with the Maple Leafs (1963-1981). Center Ted Kennedy spent his entire 14 year career with the Maple Leafs (1942-1957).

In what year did the Maple Leafs come from three games down to win the Stanley Cup?


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