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Harlem, New York

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Q: The Harlem globetrotters basketball team is based in which city?
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What city did the Harlem Globetrotters start in?


What city is the Harlem Globetrotter basketball team based in?

New York

When you speak of Harlem where is it?

Harlem is a neighborhood in New York City.

How did Harlem and Yonkers get their names?

Harlem was named after Haarlem ,a city in The Netherlands. Brooklyn was named after another city Breukelen

Is Harlem a borough of New York City?

No, Harlem is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan.

What is the land area of Harlem New York City?

The total land area of Harlem, New York City is 3,871 square miles. Harlem has a population of 335,000 people.

Which New York City borough is Spanish Harlem in?

Both East Harlem (which is also called, "Spanish Harlem") and West Harlem (which is normally called just plain, "Harlem") are in Manhattan.

What areas were affected by the Harlem renaissance?

New York city... hence Harlem renaissance.

What borough is Harlem in?

Manhattan. Harlem is in the New York City borough of Manhattan.

In which New York City borough is East Harlem located?

Both East Harlem (which is also called, "Spanish Harlem") and West Harlem (which is normally called just plain, "Harlem") are in Manhattan.

Why did the Harlem globetrotters start?

There is no clear consensus as to the very beginnings of the Globetrotters. The official history contains several details which are clearly untrue, such as the team being organized in 1926 in the Savoy Ballroom, which opened in 1927. What is clear is that the genesis of the Globetrotters takes place in the South Side of Chicago in the 1920s, where all the original players grew up. Most of the players also attended Wendell Phillips High School. When the Savoy Ballroom opened in November of 1927, one of the premier attractions was the Savoy Big Five, a basketball team that played exhibitions before dances. In 1928, several players left the team in a dispute over bringing back other players who had left the team. That fall, several players led by Tommy Brookins formed a team called the "Globe Trotters" which would tour southern Illinois that spring. Abe Saperstein became involved with the team, though to exactly what extent is unclear. In any event, by 1929 Saperstein was touring Illinois and Iowa with his basketball team, called the "New York Harlem Globe Trotters". Saperstein decided to pick Harlem as their home city since Harlem was considered the center of African-American culture at the time, and an out of town team name would give the team more of a mystique. After four decades of existence, the Globetrotters played their first "home" game in Harlem in 1968. The first star player of those early Globe Trotters (the name would be merged into one word later on) was Albert "Runt" Pullins, an adept dribbler and shooter. Soon he would be joined by 7'4" Inman Jackson, who played center and had a flair for showboating. They would originate the two roles that would stay with the 'trotters for decades, the showman and the dribbler. The Globetrotters were initially a serious competitive team, and despite a flair for entertainment, they would only clown for the audience after establishing a safe lead in the game. In 1939, they accepted an invitation to participate in the World Professional Basketball Tournament, where they met the New York Rens in the semi-finals in the first big clash of the two greatest all-black professional basketball teams. The Rens defeated the Globetrotters and went on to win the Tournament, but in 1940 the Globetrotters avenged their loss by defeating the Rens in the quarterfinals and advancing to the championship game, where they beat the Chicago Bruins in overtime by a score of 37-36. The Globetrotters beat the premier professional team, the Minneapolis Lakers (led by George Mikan), for two years in a row in 1948 and 1949, with the Lakers winning later contests. The February 1948 win (by a score of 61-59, on a buzzer beater) was a hallmark in professional basketball history, as the all-black Globetrotters proved they were on an equal footing with the all-white Lakers. Momentum for ending the National Basketball Association's color line grew, and in 1950, Chuck Cooper became the first black player drafted by an NBA team, the Boston Celtics. From that time on the Globetrotters had increasing difficulty attracting and retaining top talent. Tony Peyton was the last living member of the original Globetrotters. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1996. He died in Midland, Texas, on July 23, 2007, at the age of eighty-five.

Is East Harlem New York a small city?

No, East Harlem is a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan.

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