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They were the 1st team to win back to back World Series, or for that matter, they were the 1st team to win the World Series twice (1907-1908)

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Q: The Cubs were the first team to do what?
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Who was the first team to repeat in the World Series?

The first team to play in consecutive World Series was the 1906 and 1907 Chicago Cubs.The first team to win consecutive World Series was the 1907 and 1908 Chicago Cubs.

What was the first national baseball team?

Chicago cubs

Which team was established first the Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox?

Cubs in 1876 Whitesox in 1894

Where are first farington cubs football team in the East Lancs cubs football leaguetable?

1st why wouldn't they be

Who was the first manager for the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs first manager was Albert Spalding. The team was then known as the Chicago White Stockings.

What was Ron Santo's first baseball team?

The Chicago Cubs.

Which team was first in Chicago Cubs or White Sox?


When what was the first Major League Baseball team?

Chicago Cubs

What year did the Chicago Cubs win their first game?

As a franchise, the Chicago Cubs won their first game in 1870 as the Chicago White Stockings. The franchise came to be known as the Cubs in 1890, and recorded their first victory with that team name in that year.

What was the first Major League Baseball team to play with stadium lights?

the cubs

What team did the cubs play at their first game in Wrigley Field in 1916?

The Cubs first game in Wrigley Field, then known as Weeghman Park, was April 20, 1916 against the Cincinnati Reds. The Cubs won 7-6.

What was the very first sport in Illinois?

The first pro sports team in Illinois was the Chicago Cubs, founded in 1875.

Who was the first NFL team to win the first Super Bowl?

The Greenbay PACKERS they won first and seccond Superbowl first they beat the cubs

First team to win consecutive World Series?

Chicago Cubs.1907 and 1908

Who was the first black coach of a major league team?

Buck O'Neil of the 1962 Chicago Cubs.

What team played the Cubs in the first scheduled night game at Wrigley Field?

The Philadelphia Phillies.

When was the team named The Chicago Cubs?

The team name was generally recognized to be "Cubs" starting in 1890.

What is the Chicago Cubs team batting average?

The 2009 Chicago Cubs had a team batting average of .255

What is the team salary for the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs's 2014 team salary is $73546357, 28th in the MLB.

What is the amajor league team for Iowa?

The Iowa Cubs are the AAA affiliate of the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

Were the Cubs first team in MLB History to go from last place to first in 2007?

The 1987 Minnesota Twins were the first team to finish in last place the previous year and go to the World Series the following year.

What are cubs?

The Cubs are a major league baseball team in Chicago.

What team is the AA affiliate of the Chicago Cubs?

daytona cubs

What MLB team did Jackie Robinson face in his first MLB game?

The Chicago cubs in June 25 2009

Is the cubs the best team?

only in the minds of delusional Cubs fans