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The Australian Open is held in Melbourne, Australia.

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Q: The Australian Open tennis tournament is held in which city?
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Where is the Australian Open tennis tournament held?

The Australian Open is held in the State of Victoria and in the Capital City, Melbourne.

US Open tennis tournament played in which city?

Corona, NY

The French tournament in tennis is played in what city and on what type of surface?

The French Open is played in Paris and is played on clay.

What city is the Australian grand slam of tennis held?


The city and country of the French Open tennis championship?

The French open tennis championship is played in Paris, France.

In what city is the Australian Open played?


In which city is the Australian Open played?


What and where are the four major tournaments in tennis?

The first major tournament in the year is the Australian Open played on hard court in Melbourne. The second is the French Open on clay court, played at "Roland Garros" in France. The third is the Wimbledon Championships, played on grass court, at Wimbledon, London; and the fourth is the US Open played on hard court at Flushing Meadow, New York City.

In what city will the 2010 Australian Open be held?


In which city is the 2010 Australian Open going to be held?


What cities host the four events of the tennis Grand Slam?

The four yearly Grand Slam Championships are held in the following cities: Australian Open - Melbourne French Open/Roland Garros - Paris Wimbledon - London US Open - New York City

Is it only tennis which is played at Wimbledon?

If you mean the famous grand-slam tournament then yes but the city also has it's own football team: "Wimbledon FC"

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