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Q: The ACC Championship game is played in which stadium?
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How many times has seminoles beat Virginia tech in championship games?

In the ACC Championship Game ... once ... that being in 2005.

Did UNC win the ACC championship this year?

Yes, they won the ACC Championship. They beat the Clemson Tigers to claim the title.

What side of the field do clemson fans sit on for the acc championship game?

The left side if you are if are coming in from the main entrance

Where can one view details on the ACC Championship?

There are a number of great options for one to view details on the ACC Championship. One can find a wealth of information from the ACC website as well as on the Wikipedia website.

Did the tarheels win the acc championship in 2006?


Who will win in the 2010 ACC championship?

Virginia Tech

Which acc softball teams has won national titles?

No ACC softball team has won a national championship.

What contribution did Michael Jordan have to NC?

He helped them win the ACC Championship

1973 nc state Maryland 103-100 basketball game?

the greatest acc basketball game ever played

What point is badminton played to?

Acc to modern olympic rules, each game is played for 21 points, best of 3s

Which acc school plays home games at Wallace wade stadium?


Who won the acc basketball tournament in the 2009-10 season?

Florida defeated Oklahoma in the 2009 BCS championship in Miami but it was for the 2008 season. Alabama won the national championship in 2009.