Terrell Owens rookie card

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it is worth about $250.00 if you sell it to some stupid (if not its about $100.00)

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Q: Terrell Owens rookie card
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How much is a terrell Owens card worth?

1 penny

How much is your terrell Davis rookie card worth?

How much is Terrel Davis 1995 rookie sportflics card #145 worth

How much is a terrell Davis rookie card worth?

This card can be worth anywhere from $2.50 to around $50.00 a card. An autographed card is worth much more than a regular card.

Is 1994 russ Davis A ROOKIE card?

If it doesn't say ROOKIE on the card then it probably is not a rookie card.

Is a baseball card that says all star rookie a rookie card?


What is the Best football card?

Joe Montana rookie card or Walter Payton rookie card.

What is Barry Bonds true rookie card?

The "true" rookie card is referring to the card in the 1986 tops set where he appears as a rated rookie but his other rookie card is found in the 1987 tops set

What is joe thomas rookie card value?

it depends on what type of rookie card it is

What is the value of a 1973 Ron cey rookie card?

The 1973 Topps Rookie Third Baseman card number 615 that features Ron Cey is not his rookie card. It is Mike Schmidt's rookie card and has a book value of $120.00 in near/mint condition. Ron Cey's rookie card is the 1972 Topps card number 761 -"1972 Rookie Stars"

What is ricky waters rookie card worth?

What is a Rob Blake rookie card worth

How do you find a rookie card?

A Rookie Card is a players first year of cards, whether or not it is his rookie season. Players may have one or dozens of rookie cards, depending on how highly touted he was as a youngster and in which year his rookie card was issued

How much is a Tim hardaway rookie card worth?

The price of a Tim Hardaway rookie card will depend on the brand of card. The Fleer Rookie Sensation card is estimated to be around $34.99.

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