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A save, rebound or deflection. Trust me I am a goalie!

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Q: Terms used when the puck bounces back off the goalie?
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How does a hackey game resume after a goalie covers the puck?

the plays continues, with a faceoff in the circle to the left or to the right of the goalie, depending on where the goalie covers the puck.

How do you be a geat goalie?

You block the puck.

What are puck stoppers?

A puck stopper is the goalie or also known as netminder

If a puck bounces out of the net is it a point?

yes it is

What is a goalie?

A goalie is a player whose job is to stop the puck from entering the net.

Can you body check the goalie if he plays the puck?


Can a referee tell the goalie to freeze the puck?


How do you play goalie in hockey?

you block the puck.

Can the hockey goalie kick the puck stop it with any part of the body or allow it to rebound off of the body or hand?

yes the goalie can do that but i don't think the goalie would want to kick the puck because it might result in a goal.Also the goalie can save the puck with any part of his body.

Can you touch the puck in hockey?

Sometimes. In a case where the puck has been flipped into the air, a player can use their hand to either redirect it back to the ice or momentarily "Palm" the puck and move it back to the surface of the rink. Holding the puck for any longer than it takes to get it back to the ice can incur a Delay of Game Minor penalty. In the case of the Goalie, they can catch the puck in their glove or trap the puck under their gloves or pads: Both situations cause a time stoppage and a faceoff in the goalie's Defensive zone.

Can a goalie drop or throw his stick at the puck?

If it isn't a shootout the goalie can do whatever he wants

How do you screen a goalie?

To screen a goalie you use your body to block the goalies vision of the puck.

Puck get stuck in goalie pads and goalie slides over goal line?

well it's the same thing if the puck was in a goalie's glove and his glove went over the line. It's a goal.

Do you have to have a goalie stick for goalie?

yes. goalie sticks are bigger and shaped differently to be able to have more of a chance of stopping the puck.

Can a hockey player cover a puck on the goalies back?

Not with his hand if the goalie is in the crease. However, a player may fall (lay) on his goaltender, inadvertently covering the puck with his body.

Does a NHL goalie have to drop the puck straight down or can he throw it?

A goalie can throw, kick, pass, bat, or spit out of his mouth if necessary, the puck at anytime while the puck is still active and game is in play.

Can you change goalie during a game in nhl 2010?

yes. once the puck is blown dead, go to the edit lines screen. There, you can put in your back-up goalie. this can only be done when the puck is dead, before the face-off screen returns.

How does a a game of hockey resume after a goalie as cover the puck?

There is a face off on the goalie's team's side of the rink.

After a hockey goalie covers the puck how does play resume?

well it depends. if its 3 on 3 you just take the puck from the goalie and resume play. if its regualr hockey the referee drops the puck at the closest face-off dot.

What is a butterfly goalie?

a butterfly goalie is a goalie that likes to go down into a butterfly (AKA full V) save move to stop the puck.

How is a shot on goal determined?

A shot on goal is determined when the puck hits the goalie anywhere or it goes in. You think "if there was no goalie there would the puck have gone in?" if you answered YES! then the shot was a shot on goal

In hockey if the netminder has been pulled and a player stops the puck from going in by closing his hand on the puck in the crease?

If this happens................ The player can touch the puck with his hand in the defesive zone, but if he does close his hand on the puck in the crease than a goal can be awarded if there is no goalie If there is a goalie then the other team can have a penalty shot.

In hockey who's job is it to prevent the puck from entering the goal?

The Goalie

How did how did Billie the goalie from the ilanders scored his goal?

by putting the puck in the net

How does a goalie score in NHL 07?

If the net is empty have the goalie dump the puck toward the other goal and cross your fingers.