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sport terminology

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Q: Terms used in different sports and games?
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What terms are used for the sports- wrestling?

'sports- wrestling'

What is the sports song that is used to advertise sports games?

nfl theme song

Which sports are these terms used Bump Double Turn Potato and Tap Out?


What sports were in the Ancient Greek games?

they used bits of string to play games

Who are the people that talk during the games of sports?

Sportscasters, commentators, analysts, all three of these terms can be used to describe a person who talks during a sports game. Usually what they do is give play-by-play about whats happening during the game.

What is EA sports?

EA Sports is a name used by the game developers from Electronic Arts to distribute games based on sports.

What was the Collesseum used for?

It is an arena so games and sports were held there.

What are the terms used in sports writing filipino?

durugin, pinaluhod pinakain ng alikabok

Do all of the different Wii games require separate accessories?

There are many different accessories for playing Wii games, however there is crossover of accessory needs which depend on the game. The most common accessory is the Wii remote and it is used with majority, if not all, of the games. Another common accessory is the Nunchuk which you will use in a lot of the games with characters or sports games. There are accessories that are more game specific like the ones for the RockBand games and specific sports games, but even those are often used with more than one game.

What are some other terms used for cafeterias?

Other terms used for cafeterias includes cafes, restaurants, the food place, and even the dining room. Different terms are used throughout the world through different types of people and different cultures.

Why are different kinds of cleats used for different sports?

So the have better traction

How do you speak word 'have' in different slang?

There is no slang term for "have." Slang terms are used for things that are complex, or for things used in a particular situation (such as sports or work). People don't make up slang for simple words.

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