Teams of the NFL

Updated: 9/27/2023
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  1. colts
  2. redskins
  3. patriots
  4. steelers
  5. broncos
  6. lions
  7. bucs
  8. cowboys
  9. ravens
  10. giants
  11. saints
  12. eagles
  13. chargers
  14. bills
  15. cardinals
  16. falcons
  17. titans
  18. Texans
  19. chiefs
  20. jaguars
  21. dolphins
  22. Seahawks
  23. Bengals
  24. bears
  25. vikings
  26. packers
  27. 49ers
  28. jets
  29. raiders
  30. rams
  31. browns
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Go to nfl . com

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Q: Teams of the NFL
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What NFL teams are playing?

No nfl teams are playing today

How much NFL teams are there?

32 NFL football teams

What teams in the NFL in 1950?

Click on the 'The NFL in 1950' link on this page to see the teams and rosters of the teams that were in the NFL in 1950.

How many NFL teams in all?

In the NFL their are 32 teams

What NFL teams have no chearleaders?

No NFL teams have no cheerleaders. They all have them and many of them.

How much NFL football teams are there?

32 NFL football teams

How many teams are there in the NFL as of 2009?

There has been 32 teams in the NFL since 2002.

How many teams make up the NFL?

There are currently 34 Teams in the NFL.

Are there a lot of teams in the NFL?

There are 32 teams in the NFL. Not bad, considering it started with eleven.

How many NFL teams are in Portland?

There are zero NFL teams in Portland. The closest teams are in Seattle, Oakland, and San Francisco.

Which two NFL teams were undeafeated last season?

No NFL teams went undefeated in 2009.

What NFL teams had Chris Warren played for?

Chris Warren played for several NFL teams. The NFL teams that Chris Warren has played for includes the teams the Seattle Seahawks, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles.